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Harry Harris
IVU General Secretary 1956-58

Minutes of Meetings of The Executive Committee), 1951, July 17

The Secretary reported on work to date, the securing of a temporary office at 74 Hamilton Terrace, the H.Q. of the Mazdaznan Movement in England by the courtesy of Mr.Harry Harris, . . .

The Vegetarian World Forum, No. 3 Vol. IX - Autumn 1955

photos from the IVU Congress in Paris, 1955, bottom left picture: Mr. Oluf Egerod, Mrs. Schrowe, Mr. Harry Harris and Mrs. S. Sypkens. (click on photo for bigger version)

The Vegetarian World Forum, - No. 3 Vol. X - AUTUMN 1956

Message to I.V.U. Officers, Affiliated Societies Correspondents:-

Dear Friends,
Following the termination of Mr.Hanworth Walker's employment as paid secretary of the International Vegetarian Union, I have been asked by the President, Mrs Clarence Gasque, to act as Honorary Secretary for the time being, so that the work will not lapse.
My appointment has since received the approval of Messrs W.A.Sibly, J.Hough and G.L.Rudd who were asked by the last I.V.U. Executive Committee to find an Honorary Secretary.
I trust that, in this difficult situation, I may have your kind co-operation. It is understood, of course, that the arrangement will be re-considered at the next General Meeting of the I.V.U. In the meantime Mrs Gasque has generously agreed to maintain the Offices at 24, Binney Street, London, W.I.
May I assure you of my desire to help the International Vegetarian Union in every possible way. I shall be most grateful to have your news for publication in order to keep our contacts up to date with developments.
Your approval of my appointment will encourage me in this work, which I assure you is very dear to me.

Yours sincerely, Harry Harris, (Hon. Secretary)

From The Vegetarian (UK VegSoc magazine) Jan/Feb 1957:

The 15th World Vegetarian Congress to be held in Bombay, India, . . . The General Organising Committee will include among many others, . . . the General Secretary - Mr. Harry Harris, F.S.A.A, . . .

Full particulars about travel can be had from Mr. Harry Harris, Hon. Secretary, International Vegetarian Union, 24 Binney Street, London, W.l.

The Vegetarian World Forum - No. 2 Vol. XI - SUMMER 1957

I.V.U. NEWS BULLETIN - from Mr. Harris

At the May Meetings of The Vegetarian Society, held in Birmingham, the General Secretary and Mrs. Harris were invited as Guests of Honour, and they met many old friends connected with the vegetarian movement. At the Banquet, we gave a brief outline of the aims and objects of the I.V.U., and also spoke on the Indian Congress, which created much interest, many friends making enquiries about it at the close.

Please send your subscriptions to the General Secretary:-Mr. Harry Harris, F.S.S.A., at the International Vegetarian Union Headquarters, 24 Binney Street, Oxford Street, London, W.1.

15th World Vegetarian Congress 1957, Delhi/Bombay/Madras/Calcutta, India

The Sessions of The Indian Congress November 1957
Present: . . . H.Harris (General Secretary)

photo right: WELCOME TO BOMBAY
Some of the English delegates on arrival at Bombay Airport. From left : Miss M. Carpenter, Mr. W. A. Sibly, Mr. J. Revill, (behind Mrs. H. Bode), the Editor, Mrs. and Mr. H. Harris. (click on photo for bigger version)

The Vegetarian World Forum, - No. 3 Vol. XI - AUTUMN 1957

Special Announcement - Change of Address

As the offices at 24, Binney Street, London, W.1, are required by the Beverly Restaurant, it has been decided to transfer the Offices, for the time being, to - 5, LYDFORD ROAD, LONDON, N.W.2. Telephone: WILlesden 0096

Will Secretaries of the various Vegetarian Societies, individual members and others, kindly note the change of address, and send all communications to the above new address, on and after 30th OCTOBER 1957.

Harry Harris, General Secretary

Minutes of Meetings of The Executive Committee, 1958, May 9

PRESENT: . . Miss Harris represented Mr Harris.

RESIGNATION OF MR.HARRIS: The resignation of Mr H.Harrish trough ill-health was accepted and Miss Harris was asked to convey the Committee's good wishes and thanks to him.

The Hon.General Secretary was instructed to communicate the above Minutes to Mrs Gasque and to send the Committee thanks to Mr Harris and Miss Harris for their work for the IVU, and the hope that Mr Harris would be speedily restored to health.

The Vegetarian World Forum - No. 2 Vol. XII - JULY 1958

Mr. Harry Harris, F.S.A., who has carried the burden of work for the last few years, has retired, and we are sure all wish him well in his retirement and thank him for his splendid services to the I.V.U. during a difficult period.

16th World Vegetarian Congress 1960, Hannover and Hamburg, Germany


The period under review has been overshadowed by the sudden loss of . . . We have also lost Mr Harry Harris, who stepped into the breach left by the previous Secretary and did much to restore order to the temporary confusion. All three were of a great age in their seventies and eighties, and were actively engaged in our work until the last. We feel their loss very deeply, and I should here like here to express the gratitude felt by The Union for their services to our Cause.

It will be appreciated that the sudden deaths of Mrs Gasque and Mr. Harris threw a considerable volume of work on your Secretary and I have only recently emerged from the deluge, so any errors and omissions during the last year or so will, I hope, be forgiven.


The first two full-time Secretaries were Mr. Hanworth Walker (1950) and Mr. Harry Harris (1956), who retired at an advanced age in 1958.

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