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Jon Hanworth Walker
IVU General Secretary (Salaried) 1950-56

12th IVU World Vegetarian Congress 11th to the 18th July, 1950 - Oosterbeck, Netherlands
English visitors included . . . Mr. Hanworth Walker. . . .
We congratulate the I.V.U. on their appointment of Mr. Hanworth Walker as Secretary, and we extend to Mr. Walker the good wishes of the Society in the heavy task which lies before him, of establishing a London headquarters of the I.V.U., and we assure him of our keenest interest and support in its successful establishment. [this report must have been written some time later as Mr Walker was not appointed until October]

Mr. HANWORTH WALKER (Gt. Britain), in response to a request from the President, briefly outlined the excellent work which was being done at the Vegetarian Home for Children, at Rainhill, near Liverpool. He said they had been criticized for not being sufficiently practical. Their whole life, where they were working with non-vegetarian doctors, schools, etc., was an answer to this charge. If they were to be judged by the spirit which was put into their work then they would not be disappointed, for in the Vegetarian Movement were the foundations of the brotherhood of man and the lasting peace of the world.

Minutes of Executive Meeting held at the Grand Hotel, Manchester, at 2.30pm on the 22nd October 1950.

The following applicants for the post of Secretary to the Union were carefully considered -
Baker, Ivan (St.Albans)
Battersby, J.L. (Southport)
Just, Emil (Bournemouth)
Morgan H.L. (Christchurch, Kent)
Shrigley Mrs.E.B. (Croydon)
Smith, Rennie (Clitheroe, Lancs)
Trueman, Kenneth (London - N.B. - to be kept confidential)
Walker, Roy (London)
Walker, Hanworth (Rainhill, Lancs)

Having regard to all the circumstances involved it was unanimously resolved -

That, subject to the confirmation of Mrs.Gasque, Mr.Hanworth Walker of Rainshll, Lancashire, be appointed Secretary of the Union at a salary of £600 per annum, to be raised by annual increments of £50 to £750 as the work develops. Termination of the appointment to be subject to three months notice on either side. The Secretary to work under the direction of and subject to the conditions laid down by the I.V.U. Executive Committee, an office in London to be opened as early in the New Year as may be practicable.

Minutes of the Executive Committee Meeting held at Mercury House, 43 Lancaster Grove, London, NW3. On 17th July 1951 at 11a.m - various items relating to Mr. Walker, referred to formally as 'The Secretary'.

Minutes of the Meeting of the Executive Committee held at Bloemendaal, near Haarlem, Holland over Easter 1952 - includes various items from Mr. Walker

13th IVU World Vegetarian Congress 1953 - Sigtuna, Sweden

MEETING OF THE EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE OF THE INTERNATIONAL VEGETARIAN UNION TO BE HELD IN LONDON AT 2.30 PM ON SUNDAY THE 18TH OCTOBER 1953 - various items from The Secretary, who was present despite not listing himself as such.

I.V.U. EXCECUTIVE COMMITTEE MEETING - MAY 1st/2nd 1954 - PARIS - various items from The Secretary

14th World Vegetarian Congress 1955 - Paris, France

Meeting of the Executive Committee at the I.V.U. Offices at 24 Binney Street, London W.1. on the 30th June, 1956

Notice to General Secretary - it was resolved that this meeting of the IVU Committee, consisting of five representatives of Great Britain, Denmark and Germany, with the agreed support of the President (Mrs Clarence Gasque) the Hon.Treasurer Mr Josef Pedersen (Sweden) and Committee member Dr Jean Nussbaum (France) regrets that owing to unforseen circumstances it has become necessary to give Mr Hanworth Walker (General Secretary) six months salary in lieu of notice, as from this date.

Resignation of Mrs Gasque - The Committee received with deep regret Mrs Gasque's proferred resignation and it was resolved that in the interests of the I.V.U. she should be asked to reconsider her decision to resign as President and that the Committee should place on record its deep appreciation of her many services.

Appointment of an Honorary Secretary. The following were empowered to appoint an Hon.Secretary for the time being. Messrs W.A.Sibly, James Hough & G.L.Rudd.


Report from the Honorary Secretary
to: Officers, Principal Correspondents and Affiliated Societies

Dear Friends,

Following the termination of Mr.Hanworth Walker's employment as paid secretary of the International Vegetarian Union, I have been asked by the President, Mrs Clarence Gasque, to act as Honorary Secretary for the time being, so that the work will not lapse.

My appointment has since received the approval of Messrs W.A.Sibly, J.Hough and G.L.Rudd who were asked by the last I.V.U. Executive Committee to find an Honorary Secretary.

I trust that, in this difficult situation, I may have your kind co-operation. It is understood, of course, that the arrangement will be re-considered at the next General Meeting of the I.V.U. In the meantime Mrs Gasque has generously agreed to maintain the Offices at 24, Binney Street, London, W.I.

May I assure you of my desire to help the International Vegetarian Union in every possible way. I shall be most grateful to have your news for publication in order to keep our contacts up to date with developments.

Yours sincerely
Harry Harris
Honorary Secretary


It was unanimously agreed that in view of the splendid work done by Mr.Harry Harris during the past fifteen months in successfully re-establishing the I.V.U. in all parts of the world, he be asked to continue as Honorary Secretary for the time being, and be given an honorarium of £500 for his work during the last half of 1957. Miss Edna Harris was appointed assistant until the end of 1957.

The question of the notice to quit the offices was discussed, and the General Secretary was asked to make the best arrangements he could with the Landlord.

It was unanimously agreed that the offices be transferred, for the time being to 5 Lydford Road, Willesden Green, London N.W.2., Telephone WILlesden 0096, and that the new address be advertised in the next issues of World Forum, The Vegetarian, and Vegetarian News.

From a History of IVU by W. A. Sibly, Past President - published in the Souvenir Book of the 1957 Congress, but clearly written at least a year earlier:

"It was during a visit to 'De Hoge Veluwe', north of Arnhem, [1950] that the present structure of the I.V.U. was born, and a great extension of its works made possible, for in conversations there Mrs Gasque, the well known leader of the international Mazdaznan Movement and now our President, most generously offered to give a large annual donation to the I. V. U. This with the much smaller contributions from the individual Societies which constitute the Union has made it possible to appoint a full-time Secretary, with an office in London and so to co-ordinate and extend the work in many lands.

"The choice for this position fell upon John Hanworth Walker, whose drive and enthusiasm have taken him to most European lands, and also through the United States of America and through the new State of Israel in Western Asia, where economic causes have helped to create a wide-spread interest in vegetarianism. Mr. Walker has been instrumental in bringing about the formation of several new National Societies. He has secured the recognition of the I.V.U. by F.A.O. and U.N.E.S.C.O., and has helped vegetarian travellers through arranging for the provision of special vegetarian meals by some of the principal steamship, railway, and airline companies."

Report from Toronto - also published in the Souvenir book of the 1957 Congress

"During the past year, the Toronto Unit has been inspired by such eminent visitors as Hanworth Walker,"

Report from Italy - also published in the Souvenir book of the 1957 Congress

The Italian Vegetarian Society began at Perugia, on 14th September 1952 at a meeting organized by the "Centre of International Co-ordination for Non-Violence'' (c/o Aldo Capitini, Palazzo Communale Perugia, Italy). The gathering was not a large one, but the Italians and their friends from other nations were all full of inspiration and enthusiasm for work. The presence of the international secretary, our friend Hanworth Walker, especially brought us the contributions of his accurate and well-judged observation, his invaluable advice and his faith, and was in itself the expression of solidarity with thousands and thousands of vegetarians throughout the world.

From The Vegetarian Movement in Britain - by James Hough - also published in the Souvenir book of the 1957 Congress

"All the work of the International Union from 1908 to 1950 was done by honorary officials, busy men and women engaged in full time occupations. In 1950, Mrs, Clarence Gasque, an active world leader of the Mazdaznan Movement, generously made herself responsible for the establishment and maintenance of permanent Headquarters in England, with Mr. J. Hanworth Walker as paid Secretary. There are now so many talented, keen and influential workers in the international movement that we hesitate to add to the individuals already named. Suffice it to say that that the I.V.U. is making a major contribution to bringing about universal vegetarianism."

From a History of IVU, written by Geoffrey Rudd in 1965:

"A wealthy American, Mrs. Gloria Gasque, became interested in the Union in about 1950, becoming President three years later, and through her generosity it was possible to establish an office in London with a small paid staff until her death in 1959. The first two full-time Secretaries were Mr. Hanworth Walker (1950) and Mr. Harry Harris (1956), who retired at an advanced age in 1958. The writer was asked to keep matters moving in an honorary capacity and has been struggling against impossible odds with the temporary appointment ever since, . . ."


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