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Hans Feix

IVU General Secretary 1929-38

From the reports of the 1926 IVU Congress, held in London:

the delegates were introduced to the assembly, and the following is the order in which they responded to the roll call . . . Herr H. F. Feix (Czecho-Slovakia), . . .

IVU Congress, 1929, in Steinschönau, Czechoslovakia - organised by Herr Feix (photo right from the Congress).

From the reports:

As for the warmth and graciousness of the welcome offered to the delegates, it is hard to see in what way these could have been exceeded. Herr Dürr and Herr Feix (both of whom will be remembered as visitors to the last International Congress, held in London three years ago) alike won golden opinions for the way in which they exercised their respective functions - the former as President of the Congress, the latter as its Secretary and chief organiser.

As a result of the lamented death of Professor Nolthenius, elswhere referred to, Herr Egerod will now take over the position of Hon. Treasurer of the Union. surrendering the duties of Hon. Secretary to Herr Hans Erwin Feix, Secretary of this year's Congress.

In Herr Feix, whose remarkable organising abilities were so manifestly apparent throughout the Congress. the International Vegetarian Union may certainly congratulate itself on having found, for the office of Secretary, one who may be safely relied upon to use to the full every ounce of opportunity which falls within his hands.

From reports of the 1932 IVU Congress, held near Berlin:

All desiring to have full particulars are invited to communicate with Mr. Hans Feix, V/1903 Waldstrasse, Warnsdorf, Czecho-Slovakia, as early as possible.

. . .an official welcome from the chairman of the Berlin Vegetarian Society, Mr. Bernhard Rieger, and the President and Secretary of the I.V.U., Mr. Carl Gumprecht and Mr. H. E. Feix. . .

The General Secretary, Mr. Hans E. Feix (Warnsdorf) reported upon the work of the Union during the last three years, . . .

The appointed committee consisted of the new President, Mr. C. J. van Borrendam (Amsterdam), the Treasurer, Mr. Oluf Egerod (Copenhagen), the General Secretary, Mr. Hans E. Feix (Warnsdorf), together with Mr. K. Bartes (Eden-Berlin) and Mr. Frank Wyatt (London).

. . . an Executive Committee, to serve until the next meeting of the Congress at Zurich in 1935, was also elected, as follows : Mr. C. J. van Borrendam (Holland), Mr. Oluf Egerod (Denmark), Mr. Hans Feix (Czech-Slovakia), Mr. Karl Bartes (Germany), and Mr. Frank Wyatt (Great Britain), the first three of these likewise holding office as President, Treasurer and Secretary, respectively.

Yet more memorable, however, was the impressive reading, by the Secretary of the International Vegetarian Union, Mr. Hans Feix, of the list of names of distinguished vegetarians - those of Dr. Walter Walsh and Mr. Howard Williams, unhappily, being among them - whom the hand of death had claimed since the holding of the last Congress at Steinschönau three years before. The silent and upstanding tribute of respect thus paid by the representatives of many nations to the valiant upholders of a great principle was one of the most impressive moments througout the whole period of the Congress.

From reports of the 1935 Congress in Denmark:

. . . ably supported by Mr. J. C. van Borrendam, president, and Mr. Hans E. Feix, honorary secretary.

Egerod, Feix and Jens Henriksen welcomed us with little speeches in English, and boys from the school trotted us off to our respective quarters.

Delegates realized the splendid work done by Mr. Egerod and Mr. Feix in the face of unusual difficulties. Felicitous reference was made to their organizing and executive ability, not merely in connection with the present Congress but in the prolonged exhaustive work of carrying on an international organization from which two of its important societies had seceded.

Mr. JOHN L. SAXON, the "grand old man" of our Movement, presented Mr. Egerod and Mr. Feix with the silver medallion for meritorious service, awarded by the Swedish Vegetarian Society only to workers of national and outstanding importance.

. . .let us first recall Hans Feix, the Secretary, splendid with his English, but modest in his opinion of it. No one can forget his eyes, brimful of undropped tears, when Mr. J. L. Saxon, the Grand Old Man of Sweden, presented Egerod and Feix with a beautiful medal to commemorate the occasion. And when he sang to us one evening, his voice and stature rose to those of a giant.

Mr. C. J. van Borrendam (Holland) was re-elected president, Mr. Oluf Egerod (Denmark) honorary treasurer, and Mr. Hans E. Feix (Czecho-Slovakia) honorary secretary.

From reports of the 1938 Congress, held in Norway (Herr Feix is the short man, left of centre, in the 1938 photo):

Brief speeches were made by Messrs. O. EGEROD (Treasurer) and HANS E. FEIX (General Secretary of the Union), . . .

The speakers included Herr Oluf Egerod and Herr Hans E. Feix, (Hon. Treasurer and Hon. Secretary, respectively, of the International Vegetarian);

The Secretary (Mr. H. E. Feix) then read his Report . . . and Mr. Hans E. Feix (Czecho-Slovakia), [re-elected] Honorary Secretary.

Herr Feix is the short man to the left in this group of 1938 IVU Officials.

Hans Feix in the front of this 1938 group of delegates.

Herr Hans E. Feix lived in the region known as the Sudenland, which was shunted between Czechoslovakia, the Nazis, the Soviet Communists and eventually back to the Czech Republic. We have no idea what happened to Her Feix, or the IVU records he must have been holding, after 1938. For a more detailed account of those troubled times see: The lost history of IVU.

The report of the next IVU Congress, in England in 1947, from The Vegetarian News (London) said: "... the official [German] delegates Feix and Bunnemann were refused permits to travel,..." - apparently 'Feix' is not a very common name in Germany so it could have been the same man, but the same magazine said that Johan Bolt (Holland) had been IVU General Secretary throughout the war years. Further research is needed to understand exactly what happened.

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