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Dr. H. J. Rögler
Orgnaniser of the 10th World Vegetarian Congress, 1938
IVU Committee Member 1938-194?
IVU Honorary Vice President

It is likely that Dr. Rögler attended IVU Congresses before 1938, but we have no specific mention of him until he organised that Congress, in Norway, at short notice after the plans to hold it in Zurich were scuppered by the poilitical situation.

From the reports of the 1938 Congress:

The officers, together with Dr. H. J. Rögler (Norway) and Mr. F. Wyatt (England), were elected on the special committee to act whenever there was any important business to be dealt with.

Dr. Rögler is in the white suit, with a group of IVU leaders at the 1938 Congress

The Congresses planned for 1941, England, and 1944, Holland were both cancelled. After the war IVU was re-constituted with just a President, Secretary and Treasurer, but no other committee members, so Dr. Rögler's time on the committee was short-lived.

From reports of the 1947 Congress:

The business included reports from representatives of Societies affiliated to the I.V.U., and were given by . . . Dr. H. J. Rögler (Norway), . . .

From reports of the 1950 Congress:

Mr. Sibly was followed, in his expression of thanks to our Dutch hosts, by . . . Dr. H. J. Rögler (Norway) . . .

From reports of the 1953 Congress:

Officers of the International Vegetarian Union - elected at Sigtuna:
Vice-Presidents, . . . Dr. phil. H. J. Rögler, Norway; . .

There is a note of Dr. Rögler attending a Committee meeting in 1958, and remained an Honorary Vice President until 1976 but does not appear to have played any further active role in IVU.

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