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H. H. Jones
IVU Executive Committe 1950-57

August 1932

... The delegates from The Vegetarian Society (Gt. Britain) were Councillor W. M. Farrington and Mr. H. H. Jones....

[from another report] . . . the delegates departed for home next morning, many of them, including the five English delegates - Mrs. S. Keevill Turner, Miss Constance Hurren, Mr. W. M. Farrington, Mr. H. H. Jones and Mr. Frank Wyatt - travelling via Hamburg, where a halt of a day and a half was made so that opportunity might be given for accepting the hospitality of the vegetarians of that city at a farewell banquet held the following evening . . .

The reports from the 1935 IVU Congress, in Denmark, make no mention of Mr. Jones.

August 1938

The delegates from Gt. Britain were . . . and Mr. H.H. Jones, B.A. (Assistant Secretary, The Vegetarian Society). In addition, the other visitors from England included . . . and Mrs. H. H. Jones (Manchester). ...

The photo right is a group of British delegates at the Congress, Mr. Jones standing on the left, and Mrs. Jones at the back left.

... An invitation to hold the 1941 Congress in England was conveyed on behalf of The Vegetarian Society by Mr. H. H. Jones, and on behalf of the London Vegetarian Society by Mr. J. Arnold Reid. In accepting the invitation the two delegates were asked to convey the thanks of the meeting to their respective societies. ... [the 1941 Congress was inevitably cancelled due to the war]

[from Congress reports] . . . Mr. H. H. Jones - Assistant Secretary of The Vegetarian Society - who, as delegate to the Congress, had travelled separately, together with Mrs. Jones, . . [the rest of British travelled together]

1947 IVU Congress, Stonehouse, Gloucestershire, England

Food and Famine: A World Survey - lecture by Mr. Jones at the Congress

Farewell Dinner. . . . Mr. Hough, as Congress Secretary, was also warmly thanked for his work in organizing the Congress and Mr. Jones for his co-operation.

Final Assembly in London. Leaving Stonehouse on the morning of Tuesday, the 5th August, a representative gathering of I.V.U. delegates met during the afternoon, at the Attic Club, as the guests of the Committee and Officers of the London Vegetarian Society and were entertained to tea. . . . and Mr. H. H. JONES (Manchester), in putting the motion to the meeting, asked the Chairman to convey their thanks to his Committee, Officers and helpers.

Mr. H. H. Jones is in the 3rd row, 4th from the right. [half of the group photo]

The Vegetarian World Forum - No. 1 Vol. 2 SPRING 1948 pp.31-32


It is with great pleasure that we announce the appointment of Mr. H. H. Jones, B.A., as Secretary of The Vegetarian Society on the retirement of Mr. Hough.

Mr. Jones, who has been a vegetarian over thirty years, has been working quietly behind the scenes since 1923, and during the past nineteen years has been a part time Assistant Secretary. His appointment comes as a fitting tribute and appreciation of his service to the Society and vegetarianism.

He has represented The Vegetarian Society at several international congresses, and at Stonehouse gave a brilliantly comprehensive lecture on Food and Famine: A World Survey. As Marion Reid wrote at the time, " His masterly handling of this subject showed him to be a man of great gifts."

Mr. Jones brings great accomplishments as well as a profound knowledge of dietetics to his task, for he is a Chartered Secretary, specializing in Company Law, and graduated at Manchester University in Economics and Commerce and was at one time on the administrative staff of Manchester Municipal College of Technology and Secretary to the Faculty of Teachers in Commerce.

We should like to assure him of our desire to cooperate fully in furthering the cause to which he has already contributed so ably.

12th IVU World Vegetarian Congress 1950, Oosterbeck, Netherlands

[delegate for the Vegetarian Society] . . . Mr. H. H. Jones, . . .

The resolutions passed at the Congress were:
1. One presented by Mr. H. H. Jones and Mr. Roy Walker dealing with the world food supply and population.

The officers of the I.V.U. were elected as follows- . . . Acting Secretary: H. H. Jones, BA. (Gt. Britain).

Minutes of Executive Meeting held at the Grand Hotel, Manchester, at 2.30pm on the 22nd October 1950.

PRESENT . . . and Mr H.H.Jones (Acting Secretary).

Minutes of the Executive Committee Meeting held at Mercury House, 43 Lancaster Grove, London, NW3. On 17th July 1951

PRESENT . . . Mr H.H.Jones
The Secretary read the minutes of the previous meeting, recorded by H.H.Jones. These were approved and signed.
Mr.Jones gave the financial report & stated that a sum of £167 per month was arriving from Mrs.Gasque's agents in London.
Mr.Pedersen advised that Mr.Jones should act as assistant treasurer to Mr.Pedersen in order to deal with the IVU finance in England & with the Secretary.
It was agreed that a letter be sent to all affiliated societies asking for fees to be sent to Mr.Jones.
It was agreed that so far as was practicable Mr.Pedersen should control the IVU affiliated societies subscriptions and that Mr.Jones should administer Mrs.Gasque's grant.
Mr.Jones offered to approach the firm of H.Julius Lunt of Manchester with the request that they become Hon.Auditors.

Minutes of the Meeting of the Executive Committee held at Bloemendaal, near Haarlem, Holland over Easter 1952.

PRESENT . . . Assistant Treasurer H.H.Jones

13th IVU World Vegetarian Congress 1953, Sigtuna, Sweden

[re-elected] . . . and Mr. H. H. Jones (Great Britain) as Asst. Hon. Treasurer.
Executive Committee, . . . Mr. H. H. Jones,

photo right: "On the Way to Sweden - Some of the British party on board the Saga". Mr. Jones in a deckchair, middle of back row.

Mr. Jones in the front row,4th from the right. [half the group photo]

Minutes of Meetings of the IVU Executive Committee, 1954, May 1-2

The election of Mr.H.H.Jones as Vice-President was confirmed & is now subject to approval at the next Congress.

14th World Vegetarian Congress 1955, Paris, France

New Vice-Presidents elected were:- . . . Mr. H. H. JONES (Great Britain),


Vice Presidents . . . Mr. H. H. Jones, St. Leonards, Sussex, England . . .

1960 IVU Congress, Germany

Messages of good wishes and apologies for absence were read from . . . and Mr H H Jones (Vice Presidents),

Election of Officers for a term of office - the following were elected unanimously:
Vice Presidents (re-elected):- . . . Mr H H Jones (UK) . . .

17th World Vegetarian Congress 1963, Barcelona, Spain

Vice Presidents: (re-elected) . . . Mr H H Jones (UK) . . .

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