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Geoffrey Rudd
Executive Commitee Member 1953-68
IVU General Secretary 1958-68
Organiser of the 18th World Vegetarian Congress 1965, Swanwick, England

By the late 1940s Mr. Rudd was the Secretary of the Vegetarian Society (UK), based in Manchester


Mr Geoffrey Rudd attended as the personal representative of Vice-President James Hough with the approval of those present.

It was agreed to ask Mr Jones to surrender his office as Assistant Treasurer and that Mr.Geoffrey Rudd should take over this responsibility.

It was agreed that when finances and other relevant considerations permit Mt.Geoffrey Rudd should join the present Secretary in the office as a full time worker, Mr.Rudd having stated his willingness to make such a move.

The secretary drew the attention of the meeting to the valuable and friendly co-operation given by the proprietors of World Forum stating that free and extensive use of the pages of this excellent magazine was always available and that we were mainly indebted to Mr.Geoffrey Rudd for this invaluable assistance to our work.

13th IVU World Vegetarian Congress 1953, Sigtuna, Sweden

The I.V.U. is deeply indebted to Geoffrey Rudd, the Founder and Editor, and to Robert Greaves, the Printer, for this timely and exemplary co-operation. The readers of The Vegetarian World Forum are asked to pass on this information to all their vegetarain friends and sympathisers. Official notices will continue to be Sent out by the I.V.U. office to all national societies and vegetarian newspapers as at present.

The Vegetarian World Forum is obtainable from the publishers -
Geoffrey L. Rudd, Ltd., 106/110 Lordship Lane, London, S.E. 22

right: Mr. Rudd seated front row, 2nd from the left, with the IVU Secretary Hanworth Walker standing behind him. (this is the right hand half of the group photo, giving Mr. Rudd a frint centre position of some importance - he was still Secretary of the UK Vegetarian Society at this time)


Present, Messrs . . . , Rudd . . .

The position linking the IVU with World Forum was discussed and Mr Rudd - the Founder & Editor of this unique magazine siad that he is most happy to place World Forum at the fullest disposal of the IVU.

Secretary stated that if World Forum could be developed & its revenue employed by the IVU this would enable us to employ Mr Rudd fully in IVU work.

Mr Rudd expressed the view that World Forum as a business concern should be quite apart from direct IVU control and finances.

14th World Vegetarian Congress 1955, Paris, France

Assistant Treasurer : GEOFFREY RUDD (Great Britain)

All members of the Executive Committee were returned to office again, namely, . . .Geoffrey Rudd, Esq., of England, as Assistant Treasurer,

International Vegetarian Union, Meeting of the Executive Committee, at the I.V.U. Offices, at 24 Binney Street, London W.1., on the 30th June, 1956
Present: - . . . Mr G.L.Rudd, Assistant Treasurer (Gt Britain) . . .
Appointment of an Honorary Secretary. The following were empowered to appoint an Hon.Secretary for the time being. Messrs W.A.Sibly, James Hough & G.L.Rudd.

Minutes of the Executive Committee Meeting held on the 27th, September 1957 at the I.V.U. offices, 24 Binney Street, London W.1.
Present :- . . . Geoffrey L.Rudd, . . .

15th World Vegetarian Congress 1957, Delhi/Bombay/Madras, India

Minutes of the Business Meetings
Present: . . ., Geoffrey L.Rudd . .
Election and Re-election of Officers: The following were approved for a term of office:- Assistant Treasurer: Mr.Geoffrey L.Rudd (England)
Mr.Rudd read the resolutions to be sent to the Indian Government which had been approved.

right: Presentation to President: The Secretary of The Vegetarian Society (Mr. Rudd) making a presentation to the President of India, Dr Rajendra Prasad, after speaking at the inaugural dinner in Bombay.

by Geoiffrey Rudd, from the IVU 1957 Congress souvenir book:

on 9 May 1958, International Vegetarian Union, MEETING OF THE EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE
Minutes : The meeting was held on 9th May 1958 at the Beverly Restaurant, Binney Street, London.
PRESENT: . . . Messrs . . . Rudd;

In accordance with the Resolution passed at the Indian Congress the following appointments were made:-
Hon General Secretary (Europe and other countries; co-ordinator for Hon.Secretaries, the Committee and President);- Mr Geoffrey L.Rudd.
Hon Secretary for India and the East :- Mr J.N.Manker
Hon Secretary for the Ameircas :- Dr.F.Bode

Mr Rudd was asked to write ans ask Messrs Manker and Bode to be kind enough to accept these offices.

10th May 1959, International Vegetarian Union , Meeting of the Executive Committee at The Hague

Minutes : Present: : . . . , Mr Rudd . . .

MINUTES : Present: . . .Mr Rudd - a quorum that last also being the General Secretary

The Financial Report for the two years ended 31 December 1959 was presented by the secretary after the Congress in 1960 was pressed to continue in office. As he had always refused payment from the late President who always wished the secretary to have a car, and in view of his long service to the IVU and as an inducement to continue a sum of £1000 was voted to provide visitors to the country, the car to become his property. Mr Rudd expressed his deep appreciation and agreed to remain as Secretary as the Committee desired.

16th World Vegetarian Congress 1960, Hannover and Hamburg, Germany

right: Picture taken at the innaugural dinner in Hanover. Left to right: Mrs F.Rudd; Mr G.L.Rudd (Hon.General Secretary, IVU); Mrs Rukmini Devi Arundale, M.P. of India; Mr Geo Hiller, President of Vegetarier Union Deutschland, and Mrs and Mr Peter Hoffman.

Minutes of the Business Meetings

The Bi-Annual Reports for the two years ended 31 December 1959 were given by the General Secretary (Mr Rudd) and the Regional Secretary for India and the East (Mr Mankar) and these were approved.

Election of Officers for a term of office - the following were elected unanimously: . . Assistant Treasurer: Mr G L Rudd was re-elected.

General Secretary: The recommendation of the retiring Committee that Mr Geoffrey L Rudd be asked to continue as Honorary General Secretary was approved.

From The Brtitish Vegetarian Nov/Dec 1960:

from a lecture by another speaker : - Geoffrey Rudd truly asks Why Kill for Food? in the title of his excellent little book, and in a similar sense we might ask "Why Kill for Peace?"

17th World Vegetarian Congress 1963, Barcelona, Spain

A Committee Meeting during the I.V.U. Congress. (from left): Mr Ian Vinkenborg, Dr Gordon Latto, the General Secretary (Mr. Rudd), Mr Geo.Hiller, Dr Jean Nussbaum and the Marquis de St.Innocent.

General Secretary and Assistant Treasurer: Geoffrey L.Rudd was asked to continue in Office and the President paid a tribute to his work for the IVU

18th World Vegetarian Congress 1965, Swanwick, England

2nd September 1965 , Meeting of Executive Committee 18th Congress

Minutes : Present: . . .the General Secretary . . .
Appointment of General Secretary. Mr Rudd was asked to continue as General Secretary & accepted the re-appointment.

19th World Vegetarian Congress 1967, Delhi/Bombay/Madras, India

(Report compiled by the General Secretary, G. L. Rudd, from reports by Shri I. N. Mankar and Mr. B. Gunn-King)
The refusal of Air India to fly passengers from England without prior vaccination prevented many delegates from attending, including Dr. Gordon Latto, Dr. Barbara Latto, and Mrs. Isabel James. The General Secretary and Secretary of London Vegetarian Society were also debarred by this iniquitous condition.

10th May 1968, Meeting of the International Vegetarian Union Executive Committee, London
Minutes : Present: . . . Mr.Rudd (Hon.Gen Dec & Assistant Treasurer) . .

Canadian tour: The secretary said he had been invited by the Toronto Vegetarian Society to undertake a lecture tour in Canada to help the Vegetarian Movement in that country. He said that he would be leaving on 6th June and the President said the Canadian Society should be helped by the Secretary's fare being paid for.

From The British Vegetarian Sep/Oct, 1968:

Minutes of Meetings of The International Council, (formerly the Executive Committee), 1968, November 28
At a Committee in Hamburg on 28th November 1968 the following Minute was agreed: "That Mr Brian Gunn-King of Ballymena be elected as General Secretary of the International Vegetarian Union on the resignation of Mr Geoffrey L.Rudd."

25th World Vegetarian Congress 1979, Loughborough, England
HONORARY FELLOWS . . . Mr.Geoffrey Rudd (former Hon.Gen.Sec.);

26th World Vegetarian Congress 1982, Neu-Ulm, West Germany
Hon.Fellows: . . . Mr Geoffrey Rudd (U.K.),

28th World Vegetarian Congress 1986, Dubrovnik, Yugoslavia
Hon.Fellows: . . . Mr Geoffrey Rudd, . . .

- Mr. Rudd died in the late 1990s

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