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Geo Hiller
Executive Commitee Member / International Council 1957-79
Organiser of the 16th World Vegetarian Congress 1960, Hannover and Hamburg, Germany
IVU Deputy President 1960- 79

International Vegetarian Union, Meeting of the Executive Committee, at the I.V.U. Offices, at 24 Binney Street, London W.1. on the 30th June, 1956.
Organisation of German Congress 1958. The following were empowered to begin organising the German Congress on behalf of the IVU Committee - Frau E.Ecker-Lauer, Herr Rall and Herr Georg Hiller, all being officials of the I.V.U. (this suggests the Herr Hiller may have been a Vice-President at that time, as the German representative, but we no other record of it)

15th World Vegetarian Congress 1957, Delhi/Bombay/Madras, India
Committee: . . .Herr.Geo Hiller . . .elected . . .

on 9 May 1958, International Vegetarian Union, MEETING OF THE EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE
Minutes : The meeting was held on 9th May 1958 at the Beverly Restaurant, Binney Street, London.
PRESENT: . . ., Messrs G.Hiller, . . .

GERMAN CONGRESS 1960: Mr Hiller reported the difficulties met with in organizing the German Congress. He was asked, as a Member of the IVU Executive Committee to take control of arrangements and book the necessary rooms as soon as possible.

Mr Hiller suggested that the Congress should open in Hannover with the business sessions lasting about two days with a general excursion on the third. He very kindly places his establishment at the IVU disposal. The Congress would then move to Hamburg for the public sessions where there would be adequate publicity and big audiences. The Burgomaster of Hamburg had agreed to attend and the Youth Movement would join the activities.

10th May 1959, International Vegetarian Union , Meeting of the Executive Committee at The Hague
Minutes : Present: . . ., Mr Hiller, . . .

German Congress 1960: Mr Hiller reported progress in organizing the Congress and a tentative programme was agreed for publication. The Secretary was asked to circularize all vegetarian & health journals, UNESCO and international orgnaizations & press bureaux.

Paris , MINUTES : Present: . . . Mr Hiller, . . .

German Congress: A long discussion was held in which the times available for business sessions and lectures were apportioned. Messrs Hiller and Rudd were authorized to co-operate in inviting the various speakers to give lectures at specified times.

16th World Vegetarian Congress 1960, Hannover and Hamburg, Germany

The 16th World Vegetarian Congress of The International Vegetarian Union, by invitation of the Vegetarier Union Deutschland, opened in Hanover on August 20th, 1960, with a Reception Dinner given by the German hosts at the "Haus des Vegetarismus 'bei Hiller ' " in Blumenstrasse.

right: Picture taken at the innaugural dinner in Hanover. Left to right: Mrs F.Rudd; Mr G.L.Rudd (Hon.General Secretary, IVU); Mrs Rukmini Devi Arundale, M.P. of India; Mr Geo Hiller, President of Vegetarier Union Deutschland, and Mrs and Mr Peter Hoffman.

In welcoming the foreign delegates, Mr. Geo. Hiller, Chairman of the Vegetarier-Union Deutschland, said that there was scarcely another country like Germany where the thought of living reform was so deeply rooted - about 2,000 health food stores served a nation which longed for a natural life on a vegetarian basis-and linked with this surprising fact were the names of Bircher-Benner, Lehman, Just, Gerson, Buchinger and many others.

He deplored the tendency for the man in the street to think of vegetarianism as a health fad and blamed vegetarians for degrading our way of life to a purely biological matter. He said that human development must be on a more spiritual level and Mens sona in corpore sano must come to mean a healthy spirit living in a healthy body - the aim of our efforts. He believed that vegetarianism must be free from sectarianism and be based on the love for animals and our responsibility towards all men, particularly to the coming generation.

Mr. Hiller introduced Mr. D. Bandman, the Kuchenmeister, who received a warm ovation for a splendidly prepared dinner. He then presented the representatives of the German vegetarian movement who supported him as host.

right: Mr Geo. Hiller and Pastor Dr.C-A Skriver

On Saturday, . . . Mr Hiller spoke on "The Animal under the Dominion of Man."

Sunday, August 28th, was the last day . . .Final speeches were made in the afternoon and evening and farewells said. Before the presentation of a souvenir to Mr. Hiller, . . .

From The Brtitish Vegetarian Nov/Dec 1960:
The 16th World Vegetarian Congress was held in Hanover and Hamburg from August 20th to 28th, 1960, under the auspices of The Vegetarier-Union Deutschland - we hasten to express our grateful thanks to Mr. Geo. Hiller and his German colleagues for their co-operation in staging a very successful series of meetings. . . .

. . . As you can imagine, the organizing of an International Congress involves a considerable amount of work and many headaches. Your Committee has had meetings in Germany, Holland and France, and I must pay a very warm tribute to the co-operation received from the Vegetarier Union Deutschland, its members, and particularly from Herr Geo. Hiller, whose assistance has been wholehearted and beyond praise. I know you will join with me in thanking them very sincerely for their noble efforts and generous hospitality.

Minutes of the Business Meetings

DEPUTY PRESIDENT: Mr Geo Hiller (Germany)

Mrs Rukmini Devi Arundale graciously offered the Chair to Mr Hiller as the new Deputy President, but Mr Hiller asked her to be kind enough to continue as Chairman for the duration of the Congress.

Presentation. Dr Geo Hiller was presented with an inscribed silver bowl as a memento of his work in organizing the German Congress in collaboration with the Vegetarier Union Deutschland and the International Vegetarian Union.

17th World Vegetarian Congress 1963, Barcelona, Spain

The Ambassador Hotel, The Hague, Holland
Present: Mr Hiller (in Chair as Deputy President),

MINUTES : PRESENT . . ., Herr Hiller, . . .

18th World Vegetarian Congress 1965, Swanwick, England

ELECTION OF OFFICERS: Deputy President: Mr George Hiller (Germany)

SOCIETY REPORTS: The Congress greatly appreciated the interesting reports of activities in various Member countries. . . . - Mr Geo Hiller spoke of Germany in his lecture

On Friday, 27th August, at the request of the secretary of the V.C.A., I had the great pleasure of welcoming the forty-four members of the German Vegetarian Society at Harwich. They, with their leader, Herr George Hiller, were on their way to the I.V.U. Congress at Swanwick. The event, for me, was made all the more memorable as I had asked His Worship the Mayor of Colchester if he would consent to give an official welcome to our German friends on their arrival at Colchester, and an invitation was also extended to him to join the party for breakfast at the Red Lion Trust House. This the Mayor, Councillor Wooster, very graciously accepted, and after I had introduced His Worship to our friends, he gave them a very warm welcome, saying how very pleased he was to further cement the cordial relations between the two nations.

Herr Hiller responded in similar vein and, to my mind, the event was a great success, ending with our friends setting off in great good humour to Swanwick.


28 August 1965, 18th World Congress. The Hayes, Swanwick, England , Committee Meeting
Present: . . . Messrs . . ., Hiller

2nd September 1965, Meeting of Executive Committee 18th Congress,
Minutes : Present: . . .Mr Hiller, . . .

lecture: Die Zufahrtsstrassen zum Vegetarismuss und ihre Bedeutung by Mr. Geo. Hiller, Deputy President (Germany);

IVU Congresses were held in Indian 1967 and Israel 1969. Reports from both are very limited and there is no specific mention of Herr Hiller, though he was clearly still Deputy President.

21st World Vegetarian Congress 1971, The Hague, The Netherlands

EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE MEETING on 6th Sept. 1971 at The Hague, Holland - Ntherlands Congress Centre

The Executive Committee met for the last time as such, before becoming transformed by the new Constitution into the International Council of the I.V.U., in Room 3104 at 16.00 hours.

PRESENT:- Herr Geo Hiller (Dep.President);

right: Some of the interesting personalities with Dr V.G.M.Marijnen, Mayor of the Hague. From left: Mr Geo Hiller, of Germany; Dr Vincent Ferrandiz of Spain (in front); Mr Richard St.Barbe Baker, founder of Men of the Trees, Mr Brian Gunn-King, General Secretary IVU, (next to the Mayor).

International Council Meeting at Roso Hotel, Ronneby Brunn, Rlakinge, SWEDEN, on 22nd and 23rd April 1972.

Present: Council Members - . . . ; Herr Geo Hiller, . . .

22nd World Vegetarian Congress 1973, Ronneby Brunn, Sweden

Geo. Hiller (Germany), Deputy President of the IVU, spoke of the vital part played by world vegetarian congresses, cited the 16th World Vegetarian Congress held in Hanover and Hamburg in 1960 when membership of the German Society trebled within a few months. Every aspect of mass media - radio, television and press - should be used to make our concerns widely known. He expressed gratitude to the organisers of this present Congress, and added thanks to "our friends from all over the world for sparing neither pains nor money to come here and make this a full successful and inspiring event.

IVU Congresses were held in the USA 1975 and India 1977, but we have no reports of Herr Hiller being present.

25th World Vegetarian Congress 1979, Loughborough, England

Herr Hiller made a very good point in his opening speech by saying that vegetarianism becomes the Mother of Selfishness if we concentrate too much on matters of health. Whereas we all need to take reasonable precautions to maintain good health, it is a mistake to think of vegetarianism as the cure for all all ills and indeed, we shouldn't need to justify the compassionate way of life by giving too much prominence to health matters.

DURING the IVU General Meeting several prominent people were nominated for the position of Honorary Fellow of the IVU in recognition of the work they have done to further the vegetarian cause. They include; . . . Herr Hiller who is retiring as Deputy President of the IVU

Herr Hiller was mentioned as a Fellow of IVU until 1982 when the role lapsed. We appear to have no mention of him after that.

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