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Dr Huchard
Congress President 1909-1910

The first mention we have of Dr Huchard is the March 1910 issue of the Vegetarian Messenger (UK Vegetarian Society magazine), a list of the committee responsible for organising the 1910 Congress, in Brussels, includes:

... President, M. le Dr. Huchard, membre de l'Academie de Médecine. ...

It had become the custom to hand on the Presidency of the Congress to the President of the next host Society. This suggests that Dr Huchard was President of the Belgian Vegetarian Society, and that he would have assumed the role of Congress President at the end of the previous Congress in Manchester, England in October 1909. The July 1910 issue of the Vegetarian Messenger, reporting on the Congress, included:

... under the general direction of the Honorary President: Dr. Huchard, member of the Académic de Médecine, who gave the inaugural address on Friday morning, ...

.... A very good and appreciative notice of the proceedings of the Congress is embodied in the leading article of the Messager de Belge (June 14th) which our friend, Dr. Nyssens, has kindly sent to me. The writer has clearly been impressed by the papers read, and makes special refererence to Dr. Huchard's eloquent address. ....

We have no further references to Dr Huchard and it is not clear whether he attended any other Congresses.

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