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Dr. Douglas Latto
IVU Executive Committee 1958-67

IVU Congress - Some of the residents of the Cité Universitaire : From left :- Mr and Mrs Boesnuch, of Antwerp; Dr and Mrs Douglas Latto (Dr Latto lectured for Great Britain); Mr Cyrus Hayes and on the right Mrs.K.M.Ireland.

Dr Douglas Latto - seen speaking at the recent IVU Congress in Paris.

14th World Vegetarian Congress 1955, Paris, France

from the London VegSoc report:
THIS year two delegates from the London Vegetarian Society attended the Congress, these being Dr. Douglas Latto, who is a member of the London Vegetarian Society's Executive Committee, and the Secretary, Mr. Ronald Lightowler.
Of particular interest to ourselves was the election of Dr. Douglas Latto, our delegate on this occasion and a present member of our Executive Committee, as a Vice-President. All our members will welcome this honour being accorded to Dr. Latto and will wish to congratulate him.
Other lectures given at afternoon sessions were by . . . Dr. Douglas Latto (England), "The Maintenance of Perfect Health ";

New Vice-Presidents elected were:- Dr. DOUGLAS LATTO (Great Britain), . . .

The principal lecturers were :- . . . Dr. Douglas Latto,

Dr. DOUGLAS LATTO (representing Great Britain), spoke on "The Importance of Vegetarianism to maintain Perfect Health," and stressed the fact that most human ailments can be traced to a defec-tive diet. While orthodox doctors may recognize sickness resulting from excessive use of alcohol or over-eating at Christmas; that anaemia may result from an iron deficiency; that rickets and scurvy from deficiencies of vitamins D and C respectively; they do not realize that pneumonia, heart trouble, arthritis, asthma, or cancer, also have a defective diet as the chief causal factor.

Dr. Latto said that in Great Britain we have one doctor for every 800 people; more hospital beds are needed, and this should not be regarded as progress but a reproach to our way of living. There are 30,000 cases of disseminated schlerosis, 40 per cent. of deaths are accounted for through heart disease, blood pressure and strokes. We have 40,000 diabetics, and one in six of the population dies of cancer-100,000 deaths from cancer every year.

The speaker examined the trends in modern medicine, and although many suppressive drugs were still being used, quite a num-ber of complaints were being treated with moulds (like penicillin), and diets instead of vaccines, drugs and surgery. It was thought that this was a change in the right direction.

Minutes of Meetings of The Executive Committee, 1956, June 30

Present: - . . . Dr Douglas Latto, Vice President (Great Britain)

Minutes of Meetings of The Executive Committee, 1958, May 9

PRESENT: . . .Dr D.Latto (Vice President),
It was agreed that Dr.Allinson and Dr D.Latto (Vice Preidents) be coopted to the Committee so that if a quorum cannot meet on the Continent any vital and urgent work heading a legal decision may be implemented. (It was made clear that British Officials had no desire to be in greater force than other nations but that provision must be made for a working Committee to ensure continuity in any emergency.)

The Vegetarian World Forum - No. 2 Vol. XII - JULY 1958, pp.21-30:

EVERY year in the first week of May The Vegetarian Society holds a series of meetings in a different town.
A panel of four distinguished vegetarian doctors were the team of a lively Brains Trust at the Brighton Royal Pavilion - Dr. B. P. Allinson, Dr. Douglas Latto, Dr. James Horsley and Dr. Alan Stoddard, with Mr. W. A. Sibly, M.A., J.P., as Question-master.

Minutes of Meetings of The Executive Committee, 1960, June 4

Present: . . Dr D. Latto,

16th World Vegetarian Congress 1960, Hannover and Hamburg, Germany

Vice Presidents (re-elected):- . . . Dr Douglas Latto (UK)
Executive Committee: . . . Dr Douglas Latto (UK),
Sub-Committee. The Chairman suggested that a Sub-Committee be formed to compose a memorandum to the F.A.O.(and government departments) setting forth the basic nutritional requirements on vegetarian lines for health in tropical and sub-tropical countries where semi-starvation exists. The General Secretary was asked to co-ordinate this work with Dr Frank Wokes, Dr Gordon Latto, Dr Douglas Latto, Mrs I.James, Dr M.Kent and Dr Ralph Bircher.

17th World Vegetarian Congress 1963, Barcelona, Spain

Vice Presidents: (re-elected) . . . Dr Douglas Latto (UK)
EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE: The following were re-elected:- . . . Dr Douglas Latto

Minutes of Meetings of The Executive Committee, 1964, November

Apologies recevied from: . . ., Dr D Latto.

18th World Vegetarian Congress 1965, Swanwick, England

Vice Presidents: . . . Dr Douglas Latto (UK),
Committee: . . . Dr Douglas Latto,

Minutes of Meetings of The Executive Committee, 1968, November 28

It will be seen in Clause 11 that cheques shall be signed by the Treasurer (Mrs Isabel james for time being) and Assistant Treasurer (Mr Geoffrey L.Rudd for the time being) and be countersigned by The President (The Marquis de St Innocent) or one of our Vice Presidents (Dr Douglas Latto, Dr Gordon Latto for the time being).


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