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David Román

IVU Spanish Webmaster 1998 -
IVU Deputy Webmaster 2002 -
IVU Councillor 2004-

[David Román]

My name is David Román and I live in Alcoy, a small town on the eastern side of Spain, surrounded by mountains and a pioneering centre of spanish vegetarianism in history. Born in 1967, I've been vegetarian since 1989, and a vegan since 1997. In this time, I have become increasingly involved in the vegetarian cause, not only in my country, also in other nations.

I work as a full time computer technician for our public health service, which has enabled much of my capabilities for working with the internet. My private life is now devoted to raising a wonderful vegan child together with my partner Estrella, who has always supported me in all the activities I've been involved with. The remaining time (not as much as would be desired) is spent in running our local veg society, writing articles, giving talks and interviews, composing and editing magazines, collaborating with several other groups and writing books.

My involvement with IVU began as a translator, and since 1998 maintaining the webpages of spanish-speaking groups and all the translated materials, making spanish the second most used language on the overall website. Being entitled as deputy webmaster in 2002, I'll do my best to back up the work of John Davis and keep on helping in every possible way.

Apart from veg*anism, other personal interests include natural parenting, organic gardening, music and films, and running (best personal record in half-marathon: 1 hour 29 min).

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