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Dastur F. Bode
IVU Executive Committee1957-60

13th IVU World Vegetarian Congress 1953, Sigtuna, Sweden

photos from the 1953 Congress: Dastur F. Bode (of India), 1. 2nd from the left; 2. talking to Mr Hanworth Walker.

. . . and listened with rapt attention to such learned and entertaining speakers as . . . Dastur Framrose Bode, whose beautiful voice and spiritual insight brought the romance and ageless philosophy of the east to -stir our hearts and open our eyes, . . .

. . . An outstanding lecture was that given by Dastur F. Bode, a Zoroastrian High Priest from Bombay, entitled "Vegetarianism in Ancient Cultures." Among other things we were assured that there are families in India who can claim unbroken traditions of non-flesh eating for between two and three thousand years. . . .

Officers of the International Vegetarian Union - elected at Sigtuna . . . Vice-Presidents, . . . Dastur F. Bode, India; . . .

Vegetarianism in Ancient Cultures

DASTUR BODE, a High Priest of the Zoroastrian religion, explained that culture means right living and includes a proper diet. Though our cultures may appear different we are not divided by them for there is an inner culture revealed by self knowledge and we must grow in unity through self realisation.

When we come to know that the macrocosm and the microcosm are the same in essence we see that we are not mere creatures and -brothers but associates of the Creator.

Speaking of the Aryan culture, the oldest in the world Bode said, "the word Aryan meant one who is spiritually awake" and that the Zoroastrian religion taught the unity of life many centuries before Christ. It was not true that they worshippes the outer physical fire but the inner fire of the heart, spirit and life. Zoroastrianism taught that life cannot be produced from on-life - therefore it should be held sacred. The Christian commandment "Thou shalt not kill" was translated from Zoroastrian teachings.

"There is no conflict in nature" said Dr. Bode, "it is harmonious -and faithful at all times. Only when man comes along is there conflict. Good and evil are conditions within us-if we wish to be good we have the opportunity and no one makes us kill animals and men.

Referring to India he said the country was once totally vegetarian for religious reasons and many family's to-day trace their vegetarianism back 2,000 to 3,000 years. No meat-eaters are allowed to enter their homes, so strongly do they feel about the evil of flesh-eating. Indians are fortunate in having in Dr. Prasad, their President, a man who lives a simple life and is a strict vegetarian. Only under the influence of western "civilisation," Mohammedans, Arabs, during the last few hundred years have the traditional ideas been forsaken.

Buddha taught Ahimsa, the doctrine of non-hurting and saying that sorrow is the result of the desire in man creating causes for which he suffers. We must learn not to desire, not to exploit. Animals may need to be protected and fed but not killed.

In modern times Mahatma Gandhi has started the return of India to an appreciation of the sacredness of life, by example and teaching. If we can feel equally for each one, however low in the scale of consciousness, we shall turn the earth into a paradise.

14th World Vegetarian Congress 1955, Paris, France


The Vegetarian World Forum, No. 1 Vol. XI - SPRING 1957 pp.16-17:

15th World Vegetarian Congress 1957, Delhi/Bombay/Madras/Calcutta, India

  • Vegetarianism: A Message for the New Age - Dr. DASTURJI FRAMROZE A BODE (photo right from the 1957 Congress souveir book)

    ALL INDIA RECEPTION COMMITTEE: J. N. Mankar : Dr. Dasturji Framroze Bode; M. M. Shah & M. P. Doshi

    from the welcome address:
    Sri Dasturji Bode has run the office of the All India Committee efficiently and has made it possible for us to have so many delegates from abroad. He and his wife started this work from their office in Los Angeles and immediately after returning to India took charge of this office. I can equally say that without him also none of this stupendous work may have been possible.

    from an article by an American for the Congress souvenir book:

    In closing let me ask our distinguished friend and guest of honor. Dr. Framrose Bode, to take this message to his great Country, India, and to her good people, whose majority are vegetarians, as the ethical and spiritual contribution of their tvo vegetarian friends and brothers who form the small minority in America.

    . . . Committee: the above and Mr.Kahler. Mr.James Hough and Frau Ecker-Lauer having resigned, Dastur F.Bode and Herr.Geo Hiller were elected in their places.. . .

    The President addressed the final business meeting held at the Taj Mahal Hotel. Dastur Bode read messages received. . . .

on 9 May 1958, International Vegetarian Union, MEETING OF THE EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE

Apologies were received from Messrs . . . and Bode.

In accordance with the Resolution passed at the Indian Congress the following appointments were made:-
Hon Secretary for the Americas :- Dr.F.Bode
Mr Rudd was asked to write and ask Messrs Manker and Bode to be kind enough to accept these offices.

The Vegetarian World Forum - No. 2 Vol. XII - JULY 1958

Executive Commitee : Dr. Dastur F. Bode, Calif., U.S.A.
Vice Presidents: Dr. Dastur F. Bode, Los Angeles 27, Cal., U.S.A.

Hon. Secretary for the Americas - Dr. Dastur F. Bode, 4511 Finley Ave., Apt. 6, Los Angeles 27, California, U.S.A. Dr. Bode will co-ordinate the work in America, Canada and South America.

WE learn from Dr. Bode, Hon. Secretary for the Americas, that the Fourth Western Conference for Better Living was held on the 21st and 22nd June, at the Alexandria Hotel, Los Angeles, California.
A wide range of subjects was covered by many well-known speakers: . . . of an ethical nature were dealt with by Dr. Dastur F. Bode, . . .
Dr. Bode's lecture dates included :- Monday, July 28th, Hotel Whitcomb, San Francisco. Sunday, August 3rd, Ebell Auditorium, Oakland.  Sunday, August 10th, St. Claire Hotel, San Jose. Sunday, August 17th, Hotel Senator, Sacramento.

The Vegetarian World Forum - No. 4 Vol. XII - JULY 1959, pp.30-36:

Hon. Secretary for the Americas: Dr. Dastur F. Bode, 4511 Finley Av., Apt. 6, Los Angeles 27, U.S.A.


Vice Presidents: The Committee agreed that Messrs Rall and Bode should not be put forward for re-election.

from a history of IVU written in 1965: Dastur Framrose Bode worked in America during Mrs. Gasque's Presidency [ended 1959], and then the appointment passed to Dr. Jesse Mercer Gehman

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