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Claude Pasquini PhD
IVU Liaison Officer for Europe 1999 - 2004

Claude at the World Vegetarian Congress in Chiang Mai 1999 .......

........... and giving a talk at the Edinburgh Congress, 2002

I've been a vegetarian for 17 years and a vegan for the past 8 years. About 5 years ago I founded the national vegetarian and vegan society of Luxembourg and I've been its president ever since. In 1998 I was elected to the council of the EVU (European Vegetarian Union). In 1999 I joined the council of the IVU (International Vegetarian Union) as the liaison officer for Europe.This charge involved answering all sorts of questions concerning the environmental, hygienic, medical, esthetical and ethical aspects of vegetarianism and veganism, counseling people as to the vegetarian/vegan life-style and pinpointing, for inquirers, the sources of information they were looking for. In the past 5 years I have been most busy preparing and giving talks on the above subjects in various countries (Canada, France, Belgium, Poland, Malta, Thailand, Lituania and, of course, my home country where I was a frequent speaker on various radio stations, in talk-shows and on national TV).

I presently focus my interests on the philosophy and psychology of nutrition as well as on the latest developments in the science of animalintelligence and emotions. I've published quite a number of articles for the general public in various papers and journals (including IVU's International Magazine). I am a lifetime member of NAVS (North American Vegetarian Society) and AVS (American Vegan Association) and a regular member of the French Alliance Française, the VSUK (Vegetarian Society of the United Kingdom), the British Vegan Society, the German Vegetarierbund and the Belgian Association Végétarienne. I'm also a patron of the Swiss
Vegetarian Association and Luxemburg's country-coordinator of Vegans International.

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