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Herr Carl Gumprecht
Congress President 1929-32

Herr Gumprecht was the President of the 1932 IVU Congress, held near Berlin.

According to the IVU Constitution at that time the President of the Society hosting the each Congress became 'Congress President' from the end of the previous Congress, until the end of their own event. Therefore Herr Gumprecht would have assumed this office at the end of the 1929 Congress, in Czechoslovakia, and held it until the end of the Berlin event in 1932.

It is not clear whether the official host of this event was the Eden Colony, where the Congress took place, or the Deutsch Vegetarian-Bund, of which the Eden Colony was a member. And we do not know which one Herr Gumprecht presided over to give him the status of Congress President.

Some notes from the reports of the 1932 Congress:

The Congress under review opened on the 9th of July, 1932, when Berlin saw a continuous stream of delegates and friends assembling in the Nordischer Hof Hotel to receive greetings and an official welcome from the chairman of the Berlin Vegetarian Society, Mr. Bernhard Rieger, and the President and Secretary of the I.V.U., Mr. Carl Gumprecht and Mr. H. E. Feix. [Mr. Gumprecht was not 'President of IVU' he was 'Congress President']

[another report is more accurate] . . . a reception organised by the Berlin Vegetarian Society was attended by about four hundred people, the guests being received by the President of the Congress, Mr. Carl Gumprecht.

The official opening of the proceedings took place at 10 a.m. on Sunday, when short speeches were delivered by the President, Mr. C. Gumprecht, Mr. Karl Bartes (the local Congress Secretary) and others.

Herr Gumprecht appears to have had no other involvement with IVU.

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