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Brian Gunn-King
IVU Committee Member 1967-1968
IVU General Secretary 1968-1979

Executive Vice-President 1979-1993
Fellow of IVU 2000 -

From the minutes of the Business Meeting at the World Vegetarian Congress, December 4, 1967:

There were no nominations submitted beforehand to fill the two vacancies occurring on the Executive Committee but . . . Mr.B.J.Gunn-King, . . . were put forward from the floor for the positions in that order. Mr.Gunn-King was later made the Hon.Gen.Secretary at an Executive Committee Meeting in Hamburg on 25th Nov. 1969. [this was in fact Nov 1968]
As there was not a quorum of the Executive Committee present the positions could not be confirmed until a following meeting in London on 10th May 1968. . . . and Mr.Gunn-King were confirmed on the Executive Committee
[It will be obvious that the minutes were written some considerable time after the Congress!]

Mrs Indira Gandhi [Prime Minister of India] talking to Mr Brian Gunn-King and Miss Patching when among other pieces of literature they presented her with The British Vegetarian. [photo from the 1967 World Veg Congress in India]

Group taken at the "At Home" given by the President of India, Dr.Zakir Husain, at his official Residential Palace, Rashtrapati Bhavan, New Delhi. (Brian at the back, near the centre)

10th May 1968, Meeting of the International Vegetarian Union Executive Committee, London
Minutes : Present: . . . Mr Gunn-King, . . .

From The British Vegetarian, November/December 1968:

Gunn-King-Patching.- Lady Dowding and 'Miss Albino', her sister, attended the all-vegetarian wedding reception of Miss Margaret C. Patching and Mr. Brian J. Gunn-King at Brighton on Wednesday, 28th August, 1968.
Mr. Gunn-King was for three years Chief Planning Assistant with the Borough Surveyor's Department at Tunbridge Wells, a former President of the Vita Club there and Chairman of the National Society for the Abolition of Factory Farming. Until recently he was Deputy Planning Officer in the Borough Surveyor's Department at Reigate and Vice-President of Surrey
Natural Life Society.
The bride was for some time secretary to a Brighton solicitor before going to India last November to attend the International Vegetarian Congress in Delhi, Madras and Bombay. She was also for some time Assistant Secretary to Brighton and Hove Vegetarian Society and Regional Organiser for the British Vegetarian Youth Movement at Brighton. She returned to Brighton in July after successfully completing a six month Yoga Certificate course at Lonavia, Nr. Poona, India.
The bridegroom was also a delegate to the International Vegetarian Congress in India for B.V.Y.M., The Vegan Society and Vegfam.
The Reception, held at The Asian Grill Indian Restaurant, following the ceremony at Brighton Registry Office, was attended by Mrs. L. Newman (Organising Secretary, N.S.A.F.F.), Mr. Sidney Ashworth (Chairman, Brighton and Hove Vegetarian Society), Mrs. Helena Thomas (B.K.S. Iyengar Yoga Institute) and representatives of The Vegan Society, Beauty Without Cruelty Movement Ltd., British Vegetarian Youth Movement and National and Local Vegetarian and Natural Health Societies. Of the fifty guests ten were vegans and members of The Vegan Society of G.B.
A three-tier eggles cake, made by the bride, was topped by a replica of the Buddha with a carved Indian elephant below to symbolise the union of the spiritual and material worlds and the reverence for all like that vegetarians feel.
The bride wore a Punjabi dress of blue with white embroidery and carried a spray of white daises.
Guests present at the reception enjoyed a menu of either dahl soup, vegetable curry, pilau rice, mango chutney with chappaties or salad with wholemeal rolls. Papaya, guava or pineapple was served with Plantmilk for dessert.
The couple are now moving to a new home in Northern Ireland where Mr Gunn-King has become Assistant Chief Planner to the Antrim and Ballymena Development Commission.

At a Committee in Hamburg on 28th November 1968 the following Minute was agreed:

"That Mr Brian Gunn-King of Ballymena be elected as General Secretary of the International Vegetarian Union on the resignation of Mr geoffrey L.Rudd."

From The British Vegetarian Jan/Feb 1969:

New General Secretary for I.V.U.
Congratulations and best wishes to Mr. Brian Gunn-King, Dip.T.P., A.M.T.P.I., M.R.S.H, M.L.T., of 11 Old Ballymoney Street, Ballymena, Co.Antrim, N.Ireland, on his appointment as Hon.General Secretary of the International Vegetarian Union on the resignation of Mr. Rudd, who wished to be free to work on the British unification programme to develop The Vegetarian Society's new headquarters. All corespondence should go to Mr. Gunn-King from now on.

From The British Vegetarian, March/April 1969:

Recently appointed IVU General Secretary of the International Vegetarian Union with Margaret, his wife.

We warmly welcome Brian Gunn-King as General Secretary of the I.V.U., and wish him all success in his important office. Below for the interest of readers, we append notes of the combined interests of both Brian and Margaret, from which it will appear how well suited they are to work together in this field.
[the 'notes below' were almost identical to those for the wedding, above, except that Margaret had been elected to the Committee of the Ulster Vegetarian Society.]

20th World Vegetarian Congress 1969, Jerusalem, Israel

- pre-Congress publicity gave Brians's address in Northern Ireland. We have no official reports from the Congress but apparently it went ahead with a small number of delegates due to the political situation in the Middle East.

EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE MEETING on 6th Sept. 1971 at The Hague, Holland - Ntherlands Congress Centre

The Executive Committee met for the last time as such, before becoming transformed by the new Constitution into the International Council of the I.V.U., in Room 3104 at 16.00 hours.

PRESENT:- . . .Mr.B.J.Gunn-King (Hon.Gen.Secretary);

This Congress had clearly introduced a new constitution, probably promoted by Brian, but we do not have a copy of it

right: Some of the interesting personalities with Dr V.G.M.Marijnen, Mayor of the Hague. From left: Mr Geo Hiller, of Germany; Dr Vincent Ferrandiz of Spain (in front); Mr Richard St.Barbe Baker, founder of Men of the Trees, Mr Brian Gunn-King, General Secretary IVU, (next to the Mayor).

From The Vegetarian 1972:


BRIAN Gunn-King, Honorary General Secretary of the International Vegetarian Union, has just been elected a Fellow of the Royal Town Planning Institute.

He took a Diploma in Town & Country Planning in Nottingham in 1963, and was elected an Associate, later becoming an RTPI Member. He also became a Member of the Royal Society for Health, and has since been made a Fellow of the Lands Institute and the Royal Horticultural Society.

A life vegetarian and vegan, Brian, together with his wife Margaret and two daughters lives in a country house near Ballymena, Co Antrim, which doubles as IVU Headquarters. As IVU Secretary Brian has attended World Vegetarian Congresses in England, India, Israel, Holland, and is arranging the next in Sweden in summer 1973 hosted by the Swedish Vegetarian Society.

International Council Meeting at Roso Hotel, Ronneby Brunn, Rlakinge, SWEDEN, on 22nd and 23rd April 1972.

Present: Council Members - . . . Mr B.J.Gunn-King (Hon.Gen.Sec IVU) . . .

22nd World Vegetarian Congress 1973, Ronneby Brunn, Sweden

above: Against a backdrop of a BEA Trident III, part of the large British delegation headed for Sweden - (left to right) Dr.Barbara Latto, Member of the SCIVU panel (the Scientific Council of IVU); Mike Storm, Editor of The Vegetarian; Roland Ashley, General Secretary of The Vegetarian Society; Dr. Alan Long (SCIVU); Veronica Latto; Jack Lucas (SCIVU); Visalakshi Muthu; John le Grice, Chiarman of The Vegetarian Society; Dr. Gordon Latto, President of the IVU; Brian Gunn-King, Hon.General Secretary of the IVU, Margaret Gunn-King, their two daughters Sita and Venetia; Louis Warter, official delegate from the American Vegetarian Union.

For Brian Gunn-King, Honorary Secretary of the IVU, two years of intensive preparation, world correspondence with regional secretaries, close liaison with the host society. At Congress end, he was presented with a Badge of Honour by the Swedish Vegetarian Society.

right: Margaret Gunn-King gave a demonstration of yoga exercises. "A serious study of yoga," she said "will give one a greater sense of awareness and spritual insight; since it brings harmony and tranquility of mind as well as physical fitness." There are plans to provide a Yoga Centre at the IVU headquarters, "Braidjule", Quarrytown, Ballycloghan near Broughshane, Co.Antrim, Northern Ireland.

Minutes of International Council Meeting at University of Maine, on 3rd February 1974

Mr Gunn-King read the Hon.General Secretary's and Hon.Treasurer's Reports for I.V.U. H.Q and both were adopted.

23rd IVU World Vegetarian Congress 1975, Orono, Maine, USA

right: Britons play an important part in the International Vegetarian Union - Isabel James (left), VSUK Deputy Chairman, is newly elected secretary for the IVU European Region; Jack Lucas (centre), Scientific Adviser to The Vegetarian Society, is Chairman of SCIVU, Science Council of the IVU; Brian Gunn-King, from Northern Ireland, is the indefatigable General Secretary of the IVU.

24th World Vegetarian Congress 1977, Delhi/Bombay/Calcutta/Madras, India

. . . Also attending as a British delegate was Brian J. Gunn-King, General Secretary of IVU. . . .

25th World Vegetarian Congress 1979, Loughborough, England

  • Hon.General Secretary's Report

    [right] Brian Gunn-King, the retiring Secretary of the IVU receiving the [Mankar Memorial) trophy from Surendra Mehta of the Indian Vegetarian Congress. Photo: VSUK staff.

    EXECUTIVE VICE PRESIDENTS: . . . Mr.B.J.Gunn-King (N.Ireland); . . .

26th World Vegetarian Congress 1982, Neu-Ulm, West Germany

Executive Vice Presidents: . . . Mr Brian Gunn-King, . . .

27th World Vegetarian Congress 1984, Baltimore, USA

Executive Vice Presidents: Mr Brian Gunn-King, . . .

28th World Vegetarian Congress 1986, Dubrovnik, Yugoslavia

Executive Vice Presidents: . . . Mr Brian Gunn-King, . . .

29th World Vegetarian Congress 1990, Tel Aviv, Israel

There were nine candidates for the elected positions on the International Council and the following were elected by ballot to serve until the next world vegetarian congress:- . . . Mr Brian Gunn-King, . . (the role of Exec VP having been abolished)

The minutes of the 1993 IVU General Meeting are missing, but Brian does not appear to have stood for re-election.

34th World Vegetarian Congress, Toronto, 2000

The list of proposed Fellows suggested by John Davis (IVU Webmaster) and recommended by the outgoing IC was read out, including the number of years of service for each. The names are: . . ., Brian Gunn-King (UK), . . .

35th World Vegetarian Congress, Edinburgh, Scotland, 2002
right: from left: Brian Gunn-King (Northern Ireland), former General Secretary of IVU from 1969-1979, with Claude Pasquini (Luxembourg), IVU Liaison Officer for Europe and President of De Vegabond - Letzebuerger Verain fir Vegetarier a Veganer

Brian remains a Fellow of IVU. He and Margaret still live in Northern Ireland.