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Dr.Becerra Limas
Member of the International Council 1975 (or earlier) - 1979

[most records from 1971-74 are lost]

23rd IVU World Vegetarian Congress 1975 - Orono, Maine, USA -Agenda of the General Meeting

Hon.Reg.Secretary for Latin America - Lic G.Alberti V.(Venezuela) [later changed to Dr.Becerra Limas (Mexico)

Hon.Corr.Sec for the Americas:- Dr.J.M.Gehman (Duncannon, Pennsylvania) [later deleted in favour of the reg sec for North and Latin America]

24th World Vegetarian Congress 1977 - Delhi/Bombay/Calcutta/Madras, India

Hon.Reg.Secretary for Latin America - Dr.Becerra Limas (Mexico)


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