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IVU Department of Medicine and Nutrition

The IVU Department of Medicine and Nutrition aims to:
dr eric slywitchDirector: Dr Eric Slywitch is a Medical Doctor, with a Master's and Doctorate in the area of nutrition, with the theme of metabolic evaluation of vegetarians and omnivores. He specializes in Nutrology, Enteral and Parenteral Nutrition. He has a postgraduate degree in Endocrinology, Clinical Nutrition and Psychoanalysis. He is the author of 3 books on vegetarianism in Brazil and has published several chapters on vegetarianism in the main technical books of nutrition in Brazil. He teaches in 3 postgraduate courses addressing the theme of vegetarianism and has his own teaching center for metabolic and nutritional evaluation with emphasis on interpreting laboratory tests for physicians and nutritionists.

He worked with Marly Winckler (then president) at the Brazilian Vegetarian Society (SVB) from 2004 to 2016 as Director of the Department of Medicine and Nutrition, developing technical materials for lay people and health professionals. Together with the Nutrition Council of the City of São Paulo, he developed a Vegetarian Diet Food Guide (published by SVB) giving the basis for the nutrition professionals to prescribe vegetarian food throughout Brazil.

Representing the SVB, he participated in the final elaboration of the Food Guide for the Brazilian Population, of the Brazilian Ministry of Health, inserting the healthy effect of vegetarianism and removing negative concepts related to this in this material. In the implementation of the campaign Meatless Monday, he actively participated in technical discussions with nutritionists, enabling the implementation of the campaign.

Dr Eric has been working in clinical practice since 2001. He has extensive experience in diagnosing and correcting nutritional deficiency in vegetarian and omnivorous individuals through food and supplementation. He acts in the training of health professionals (doctors and nutritionists), enabling them to read biochemical tests and nutritional intervention.


The IVU Vegan Nutrition Guide for Adults

The IVU Vegan Nutrition Guide for Adults was elaborated with the aim of serving as a comprehensive and free support material for health professionals worldwide, in its scientific version, and for the general population, in its version for lay people. It addresses the nutritional care we should have when adopting a strict vegetarian (vegan) diet safely, based on more than 700 studies indexed in the international scientific literature. It contains a Nutritional Table of each key nutrient in the diet, presenting the richest foods of each food group.

It addresses the bioavailability, physiology and biochemistry of these nutrients in the context of vegetarianism, besides showing what is in studies about them in the context of this food approach.

It also discusses supplementation and care in laboratory nutritional assessment. At its end it has more than 30 different menus, calculated according to its nutritional value (to demonstrate the safety of the diet), covering eating habits of the main continents.

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