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Plant-based Tech and New Meat Forum - September 2022 - São Paulo


I have just returned from an event in São Paulo on the plant-based market and vegetable and cultivated meats. The event was organized by Trioxp, whose director is Lucia Abdala, creator, and organizer of the largest organic and natural products fair in Latin America, where she worked for about 20 years. I worked with Lucia all over this time when via Brazilian Vegetarian Society (SVB) we created the Vegan Saloon, with a Seminary, a Vegan Fair, a Food Cook Show, and a stand of SVB – all this still exists today. 

I was impressed by the progress of the plant-based sector and vegetable meats and grown in Brazil in the business and government sector. This is something that is already there, as I have heard many times at the event. It is not the future; it is the present and Brazil is preparing to lead this promising market for cultivated meats and plant-based foods. 

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