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IVU’s Vegan Nutrition Guide for Adults - Supports and e-Book

IVU’s Vegan Nutrition Guide for Adults - Supports and e-book

vegan guide ac829413The Guide to Vegan Nutrition for Adults is a freely available 500-page document produced by the International Vegetarian Union that demystifies the vegetarian plate and corrects long-standing misconceptions about the vegetarian diet. Besides correcting misconceptions, it intends to educate the health community about the vegetarian diet. We are receiving many returns as to how the Guide is being useful to health professionals, students etc.

Among the supports we received the recognition, and it was adopted by the GANEP Group and Nutritotal one of the biggest platforms of nutrition courses in Brazil. They adopted the IVU Vegan Nutrition Guide in its programs and courses as to vegetarian nutrition guidelines. The president of the Group, Dr Dan L. Waltzberg said: “We adopted the Vegan Nutrition Guide as teaching material for the readers of Nutritional website due to the growing need for health professionals to update on the topic of vegetarianism. The material presents important information for the correct management of the vegetarian patient.”

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We are happy to announce that its e-book version of 
the IVU’s Vegan Nutrition Guide for Adults is already available at Amazon and Google.

Amazon: Vegan Nutrition Guide - e-book

Google: Vegan Nutrition Guide - e-book

The Spanish version of the Guide is ready and soon we will be able to launch it. The translation was done by the nutritionists of our member Vegetarianos Hoy, from Chile, and we reserve some good surprises that will be announced at the time of the launching of it. Hold up!


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Download the Vegetarian Nutrition Booklet for Kids and Adolescents