Why Join and Support IVU?

- be a part of the global vegetarian movement

- promote communication and cooperation among veg organisations.

- support the IVU World Vegfest, which we try to hold every year.

Three ways you can help:

  1. Encourage organisations you work with to join IVU. 

  2. Donate to IVU

  3. Share information from IVU media, such as [here we can have clickable links to FBs, the newsletter, etc.

  4. Share computer files from your past campaigns, like flyers and biLlboards ads.

The easiest way to pay is online by credit/debit card - use one of these options:

Benefits: Vote in IVU affairs. Publicity and links on the IVU website. Access to computer files from Societies all over the world, these files are free to any Member Society and could help small groups that don´t have access to Designers to create their campaings and flyers. We encourage all members societies to share their files with IVU as well.

Associate Member Society - open to any non-profit organisation which advocates vegetarianism/veganism. This could include groups primarily concerned with Animal Rights, Health, Environment, Religion, etc.Publicity and links on the IVU website.

If your society is a Member or Associate Member of IVU, please display the logo on your main index page, Facebook page, etc. and use it as a link to: http://www.ivu.org - mentioning, in your own language, that you are a Member or Associate Member.

Here are some Variations on the IVU Logo - choose one to suit your page.

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