IVU Patrons

The concept of IVU Patron was originated in the 1982 constitution, but the status was changed by the 1999 constitution and bylaws.

from the Articles of Association S.2.3:
Individuals may become IVU Supporters on payment of an annual or life contribution or by volunteering their time to work on any appropriate project.

from the Bylaws: 
Patrons shall make a minimum donation to IVU, of such amount as shall be from time to time decided by the International Council. They shall be classed as lifetime supporters for the purposes of Section 2.3 of the Articles of Association.

IVU currently has more than 60 Patrons, mostly individuals but a few organisations have also paid for 'life', some individuals have stated that they do not wish to have their names appear on the website, others are listed below (more coming as they request inclusion):