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Ottobre 2000
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Some items in this issue were already on the IVU website, and are linked. Others may appear here in due course - in the meantime you can receive the magazine by joining IVU, see the link at the bottom of this column.
  • Storia e obiettivi della IVU
  • Message from the Chair of the International Council
  • Jay Dinshah, 66, Vegan Society Leader
  • The Dancing Chief Executive
  • Draw the Line in Pencil
  • Scenes from the Congress
  • Milk and Prostate Cancer: The Evidence Mounts
  • Focus on Folic Acid Awareness Week
  • Vegetarian Relief at the Mozambique Floods!
  • Experts Debate Safety of Genetically Engineered Foods
  • Quando il cibo Ŕ identitÓ e l'identitÓ Ŕ cibo
  • Regional Report - Europe
  • Regional Report - India and Far East
  • Indian Vegetarian Society
  • Il Canone Alimentare dei Jainisti
  • World Animals Day - Vigils Held at State Capitals
  • Luis Escala - a sad loss
  • Sabina Fund Grants
  • New IVU Fellows
  • Congratulations to VSDC
  • Triatleta Vegano - senza limiti d'età
  • Professional Vegetarian Cooking
  • Cooking with Ken Bergeron
  • Win a free registration to the IVU Congress in 2002!
  • The Secretary's Desk - my thoughts on the Congress
  • Regional Report - South America
  • The Health Status of Vegans
  • 35th World Vegetarian Congress
  • News
  • 2000 IVU Council Directory
  • Treasurer's Report July 2000
  • New Council Elected
  • 2000 Boston Vegetarian Food Festival
  • News and Information - from recent issues of IVU Online News
  • Members Corner
  • 8th EVU Congress
  • 5th Annual Feed the World Week
  • Eating in Central Park
  • Perché associarsi all'IVU? - Modulo Associativo
From the Editor's Desk

[Paul Turner]
Paul Turner

Working in harmony with our surroundings is something every thoughtful person strives for. It is a natural urging of the soul and it feels rght. When we challenge that natural balance, we feel unsatisfied and agitated, much the same as a fish out of water.

But when we cooperate and surrender our ego to this natural order of things we awaken to the understanding that each and every one of us is an integral part of a fantastic scheme. We become encouraged, we feel worthy, and so we try to make a difference. Some people call it "living".

Sadly though, many people never really experience what "living" is all about, because they are so busy finding fault. Such people tend to think the world revolves around their petty experiences and so they never truly see things as they are and miss countless opportunities.

Unlike them, we need to see the world through the eyes of Mother Nature and appreciate every little facet of her glory. It begins wth valuing the difference. Seeking to first understand before being understood and knowing that every part of her makeup has its place. Oh, the beauty of individuality. What a lovely mosaic the world is.

- The Editor

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