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How to Advertise your Veg-related business on IVU

The International Vegetarian Union has been promoting vegetarianism worldwide since 1908 and is now co-ordinating the activities of over 100 member societies via the Internet.

We have members on every continent and in most countries - if you want your business to reach a worldwide audience then you can have your banner and/or link on this site. The website has more than 25,000 pages, and is currently recording well over 1.4 million page views per month so you would have a big audience.

Advertising on the IVU website is available to business supporters of IVU. Your business can become a 'Business Supporter' for a minimum contribution of just 25 UK pounds ( about US$40 ) per year.

Go for life!

- pay any subscription for ten years in advance and we will make you a 'Corporate Patron' with lifetime promotion on this website.

You avoid any future increases in subscription rates, and after ten years your business continues to be a supporter for free, for as long as your business continues. What a bargain!!!

Business Supporter - for just 25 UK pounds, you get:

A prominent listing in the IVU Database, complete with your logo, a description - and most importantly of course, at the top of the list. To see an example how it works go to - select 'Fashion' on the right, the click on 'search'. The Business Supporters are clearly visible at the top.

To become a Business Supporter of IVU now, you can pay by credit card using Paypal:

Become a Business Supporter of IVU Via Paypal

If you prefer, you can print out the Membership Form then fill it in and post it - or fax it - to the address on the page.

General enquiries about IVU Business supporters should be addressed to John Davis

Note: the Google ads on this website, as seen on this page, are completely separate from the IVU Business Supporter scheme.