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IVU Online News - 2015 Issue #4


43rd World VegFest in Australia Happens This Month
Hard Rock Café Includes Veg Options
Dr Greger’s Next Compilation Tackles Calcium Supplements
Incompatible Logic
Polite Murder
Conflating Unrelated Issues
Sad Reality
Upcoming Events
Other Online Sources of Veg News

43rd World VegFest in Australia Happens This Month



IVU will be celebrating this year’s IVU World Vegfest in Australia, with our friends in Sydney and Melbourne who are organising two very impressive events in the second half of October and early November. Specifically, on 25 October, the Cruelty Free Festival will be held in Sydney ( and on 1 November, World Vegan Day celebrations will be conducted in Melbourne ( The full list of events in Sydney is available at

23rd Oct, 6.30pm - Welcome Dinner at Bodhi - Hosted by V Stars (
Enjoy a set menu in the tranquil parkland surrounds of Sydney’s Hyde Park. Bodhi Restaurant specialises in vegan yum cha and pan-Asian cuisine, using locally grown organic produce with everything prepared fresh daily. Bodhi is Sydney’s premier vegan restaurant, celebrating 25 years of vegan.

24th Oct, 9.45am - Sydney Vegan Bus Tour – Hosted by Veg Travel Guide (
IVU delegates, friends, and Sydney locals are invited to participate in Sydney’s first all-vegan bus tour! This is an exciting full day bus tour of Sydney with a difference. Discover the rich history of the iconic Rocks, take in the beauty of the Sydney Harbour and Opera House, and find out why everyone loves Bondi Beach. A highlight of the tour will be a very special visit to a local wildlife rehabilitation centre, located within a unique bushland ecosystem. This rehabilitation centre is not open to the public but they have kindly offered to let IVU visit on this special occasion and have arranged for several of their volunteers to come and give an educational talk for the IVU.

25th Oct 10, 5.00pm - Cruelty Free Festival – Major Event with 5 IVU Delegates speaking (
The Cruelty Free Festival is the event of the year for animal lovers. The festival is designed to encourage all animal lovers - from all walks of life - to celebrate and enjoy cruelty-free lifestyle options. This year's 10th anniversary event will showcase the groups giving a voice to animals, alongside the advocates, innovators and businesses creating inspiration and options for vegan and cruelty-free living!

26th Oct, 4-5.30pm - Veg Leaders forum/workshop – Hosted by V Stars (
A key aspect of the IVU is to provide a platform for veg society leaders to learn from each other. This forum will also give an opportunity all Veg society leaders to discuss challenges and how to overcome these. Dr Susianto will open the event and Bob will facilitate the forum & workshop.

26th Oct, 6-9pm - Health and Enterprise Forum - Hosted by V Stars (
HEALTH FORUM - Many health professionals are now leading the change to plant based nutrition. Ancient techniques and modern are pointing the same direction. Find out from an international panel of experts including Dr Susianto (Nutritionist, Yoga Champion Yogaraj CP & more). This forum will be facilitated by Bob Ratnarajah.
ENTERPRISE FORUM – When Microsoft founder Bill Gates invests in a startup that provides meat alternatives, a vegan cheese picks up a deal on popular US TV show Shark Tank, and pop star Beyonce launches a plant-based food delivery service, you know there’s been a shift in consciousness around how we live and consume. What are the challenges vegan business owners face? How do they overcome them? What kinds of local and global collaborations and enterprise models can we forge in our mission for a more compassionate, healthy and sustainable world? Join local vegan entrepreneurs and international guests in an engaging and insightful facilitated discussion on these issues and more. This will be facilitated by Katrina Fox, award-winning journalist, media coach, content marketer and author of Vegan Ventures: Start and Grow an Ethical Business.

27th Oct, 6.30pm - Farewell Sydney at Nourishing Quarter - Hosted by V Stars (
As we wrap up the Sydney leg of the World Veg Festival, what better place to do this than the very unique Nourishing Quarter. Nourishing Quarter is a truly unique restaurant fusing Asian cuisine with ancient grains. In Melbourne…

1st Nov, 10-8:30pm - World Vegan Day in Melbourne Showground (
Following the Sydney event, IVU Delegates will proceed to Melbourne for the World Veg Day Celebration on the 1st of November, hosted by Vegetarian Victoria. This will be the largest celebration in the city, with 10,000 people expected and eight IVU Delegates will be speaking on the day. Members of the IVU International Council will be attending these events, and we urge all IVU member organisations to join us there. Additionally, to learn more about the many wonderful events in Australia around that same time, please have a look at ( Tours and other events are also being planned to coincide with the events and those interested can visit and for updates.

Hard Rock Cafe Includes Veg Options


The popular Hard Rock Café contacted the IVU to request for assistance in spreading the news that it will now include veg options on its menu at all locations. An iconic brand, we welcome other organisations in the F&B industry to follow this example and consider including clear veg options on their menus so that more people can enjoy the experience of dining at their establishments.

Dr Greger's Next Compilation Tackles Calcium Supplements


Dr. Michael Greger has just released his latest compilation which will cover the following topics with regard to calcium supplements. Please visit to download a copy. While the digital download is valued at $20, you can get it free by indicating the voucher code V27FREEVIP at checkout.
1. Treating Ulcerative Colitis with Diet
2. Sprinkling Doubt: Taking Sodium Skeptics with a Pinch of Salt
3. Cholesterol and Alzheimer’s disease
4. Kiwifruit for the Common Cold
5. Everything in Moderation? Even Heart Disease?
6. Optimal Diet: Just Give it To Me Straight, Doc
7. Mediterranean Diet and Atherosclerosis
8. Laughter as Medicine
9. What are the Healthiest Foods?
10. Omega 3s, Prostate Cancer, and Atrial Fibrillation
11. “Veg-Table” Dietary Nitrate Scoring Method
12. Which Type of Protein is Better for Our Kidneys?
13. Microbiome: The Inside Story
14. Prebiotics: Tending Our Inner Garden
15. Big Food Using the Tobacco Industry Playbook
16. Speeding Recovery from Surgery with Turmeric
17. How Much Cancer Does Lunch Meat Cause?
18. How to Prevent Fainting
19. Are Calcium Supplements Safe?
20. Are Calcium Supplements Effective?
21. Anti-inflammatory Diet for Depression
22. What to Take Before a Colonoscopy
23. Should We All Get Colonoscopies Starting at Age 50?
24. Plant-Based Diets for Diabetes
25. Industry Response to Plants Not Pills
26. Find Out If Your Doctor Takes Drug Company Money

Incompatible Logic


Polite Murder


Conflating Unrelated Issues

Sad Reality

Veggie Pride
– 10-11 October, 2015 – Paris, France -

West Midlands Vegan Festival – 24-25 October, 2015 – Birmingham, UK -

World Go Vegan Week – 25-31 October, 2015 – Worldwide -

Dublin Vegfest – 01 November, 2015 – Dublin City, Ireland -

San Francisco Green Festival – 13-15 November, 2015 – Daly City, California -

Forks Over Knives Conference – 21-22 November, 2015 – Pasadena, California –

Glasgow VegFest – 5-6 December, 2015 – Glasgow, UK -

Portland Green Festival – 11-13 December, 2015 – Portland, Oregan -

Sofia Veg Fest – 19-20 December, 2015 – Sofia, Bulgaria -

Other Online Sources of Veg News 

pic14In addition to IVU Online News, there are many other places to go online for general veg-related news, rather than news mostly about one country or one organisation. Here are some.

1. Meatout Mondays 

2. Vegan Outreach 

3. VegE-News  

4. VegNews  

5. VegSource  

6. doesn't have a newsletter, but they post stories daily at  


8. IVU-Veg-News E-Mail List  

9. Vegetarianism in the News  

10. IVU Veg News group on Yahoo! This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

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