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For a monthly summary of the latest news about veg-related science, and many other topics, see IVU Online News - or for much more in-depth updates, come to the next IVU World Vegfest!

For Scientists and Editors only:

ivu-sci discussion forum

The ivu-sci email discussion group is open to the following categories:         

  • Anyone with a professional background in any branch of science which is relevant to veg*ism (students are welcome)
  • Anyone responsible for distributing information for any IVU member society, such as those editing magazines or websites.

The objectives are:

  • to provide an advisory forum for ensuring the quality of any scientific information distributed by IVU and member societies.
  • to encourage sharing of information between scientists and students working in the area of veg*ism.


All the usual rules of etiquette apply to ivu-sci. These should be well known but may specified here as necessary. The following special rules will be enforced:

Any message posted to ivu-sci shall be the copyright of the author, and may not be forwarded to any individual or any other list without the express permission of the author.       

Except - if any post mentions, by name, any individual who is not subscribed to the list, that individual shall be entitled to read what is written about him/her, and shall have a right of reply, either by joining the group (if appropriate), or via a group member. Such posts may not be forwarded elsewhere, *only* directly to the individual concerned.       

Posts will not be permitted if they are clearly using animal research         to support an argument (the only exception to this might be if the research was done for the benefit of the animals concerned).       

Anyone subscribing to ivu-sci shall be deemed to have read these provisions and agreed to them.              

Failure to comply with any above rules may result in removal from the group.

Membership is restricted and applications will need to be approved before anyone is added to the group. If you are in one of the above categories and would like to subscribe to ivu-sci follow the link below:
Subscribe to ivu-sci
for discussion of scientific issues relating vegetarianism,
open to scientists and editors only

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