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IVU Organization

The International Vegetarian Union (IVU) is a global organization dedicated to promoting vegetarianism and its associated benefits. Its political structure and organization are defined by its Bylaws, which have been in effect since 1999 and have undergone modifications since then.

The IVU is governed by an International Council (IC), which is responsible for managing the organization's affairs. This council consists of eight elected members who serve four-year terms. They are chosen through an email ballot conducted every four years, with voting taking place from April 1-30. To be eligible for nomination, candidates must be vegetarian and hold a current position within a member organization.

The IC works together to make decisions on behalf of the IVU and its members. They can co-opt up to three additional members, who hold full voting rights until the next IC election. Furthermore, the IC can appoint Regional Representatives to strengthen the organization's global presence and encourage the formation of local vegetarian societies.

IVU members include Full Member Organizations, Associate Members, and Supporters. These members enjoy various benefits, such as access to resources and participation in events, but only Full Member Organizations hold voting rights.

The IVU hosts an annual event that combines features of congresses and vegfests, promoting vegetarianism and providing a platform for members to discuss the current state of the movement. General Meetings are held during these events, allowing members to engage in discussions and contribute to the organization's agenda.

In terms of finances, the IVU operates on a fiscal year determined by the IC, with a budget proposed and approved by the council members. The organization maintains banking accounts and ensures that financial statements are audited and made available for review.

The IVU is committed to working with Regional Organizations (ROs) as partners, with the IC negotiating and ratifying partnerships as needed. These partnerships serve to strengthen the organization's global reach and support the growth of vegetarianism around the world.

Overall, the International Vegetarian Union is a vibrant and dynamic organization, dedicated to promoting the benefits of vegetarianism and fostering a global community committed to a more compassionate and sustainable future.
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