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Alex Fernandes

Alex Fernandes - Brazil - IVU Webmaster. Alex has been a vegetarian since 1995 and a vegan since 2004, he is the founder of Guia Vegano, one of the oldest web sites on veganism in Brazil and also a On-line Vegan Shop. He has attended many IVU events since 2008, making presentations on the Vegfests of Jakarta, San Francisco, Taiwan, Berlin among others. Together with the help of John Davis (from UK), George Jacobs (USA) and Jayachandran (from Singapore) they launched our new website for in 2013. Alex was also the webmaster (2005-2008) and counselor (2013-2018) for the Brazilian Vegetarian Society - SVB.

Bob Ratnarajah

Bob was introduced to the IVU in 2012 at the World Veg Festival. He presented on the 5 reasons people are moving to the Veg*n direction. In Nov 2012, SEAVC, he presented about wellness in the Veg*n communities. In 2013, at the World Veg Fest in KL, Malaysia, Bob presented on how to build vibrant communities, with plant-based businesses.

In 2015, Bob & V Star members helped host the World Veg Festival in Australia, collaborating with existing festivals in Sydney and Melbourne.

Coinciding with the World Veg Festival, V Stars created the in Australia.

Cynthia Schuck

Cynthia has a PhD from Oxford University (Zoology/Evolutionary Biology) and two post-docs, one at Oxford (where she integrated experimental economics with evolutionary biology), and another (Brazil) on the evolution of advanced cognition and the conditions for its emergence. She also holds an MSc in Ecology and a BSc in Life Sciences.
Cynthia is the scientific director of Origem Scientifica, a consulting company in global health and data analysis in the life sciences, with projects developed for several institutions (e.g., the National Institutes of Health USA, the WHO, among others). She also has a solid background in scientific capacity building, with workshops on data analysis and scientific method taught to researchers in the health and life sciences in several countries. 


Dr. C. V. Jayanthy is an internationally recognized Yoga Faculty,  Popular public speaker, giving lectures across the country.

Founder : Manushi Yogic Research Foundation in coordination with Yoga Alliance USA  for Yoga Teacher Training Course (TTC) -200 hrs & 300 hrs has been with the vision of training Yoga Teachers.

Secretary : International Tamil Veg Union (ITVU)

Pioneers : Dr.C.V.Jayanthy is one of the earliest pioneers of prenatal stimulation, and teaches parents how to stimulate their unborn babies through music, education and other Practices.

David Pye

David Pye – United Kingdom – nominated by the Vegetarian Society UK Limited - IVU Treasurer he joined the council of the International Vegetarian Union in 1999 and have had the honour of serving as treasurer. He committed to the work of IVU and I was also responsible for registering IVU as a 'not for profit' UK company. he have been vegetarian for over 40 years. I am also a trustee and fellow of the UK Vegetarian Society and was chair of the charity for three years. I have spoken at international congresses on the environmental aspect of vegetarianism.

Dilip Barman

North America

Dilip Barman, an IVU Counsilor since 2006 and NA representative since 2007. He is a certified Food for Life instructor (, teaching healthful Whole Food Plant-Based (WFPB) vegan eating through nutrition lectures and food demonstrations. He has presented on WFPB eating internationally (including as an invited speaker in Brazil,
Scotland, Germany, Japan, and India), as well as at onferences and festivals in the U.S., such as VegFests (in Richmond, VA, Charlotte, NC, Raleigh, NC, and others), the Animal Rights Conference, corporate wellness events, and others. 

Dr Eric Slywitch

Dr Eric Slywitch is a Medical Doctor, with a Master's and Doctorate in the area of nutrition, with the theme of metabolic evaluation of vegetarians and omnivores. He specializes in Nutrology, Enteral and Parenteral Nutrition. He has a postgraduate degree in Endocrinology, Clinical Nutrition and Psychoanalysis. He is the author of 3 books on vegetarianism in Brazil and has published several chapters on vegetarianism in the main technical books of nutrition in Brazil. He teaches in 3 postgraduate courses addressing the theme of vegetarianism and has his own teaching center for metabolic and nutritional evaluation with emphasis on interpreting laboratory tests for physicians and nutritionists.

Ignacia Uribe

Ignacia Uribe is a Chilean journalist and animal rights activist, who has a master degree in Animal Law and Society by the Autonomous University of Barcelona. She has been vegetarian for more than 15 years, and in 2012 founded Vegetarianos Chile, the largest network of vegetarians and vegans in that country, which today is an ONG called Vegetarianos Hoy that focus on expanding vegetarianism in Latin America. In 2015 she led #NoSonMuebles, the biggest animal rights campaign developed in Chile, that until now has more than 100,000 signatures to get animals recognized  as "sentient beings" by the Constitution. She has given international talks in Brazil and Argentina, and attended many vegetarian events in the US and Europe.

Manuel Alfredo Martí

IVU Representative Latin America

Activist, journalist, writer, editor. Founder and director of UVA Union Vegana Argentina and Union Vegetarian Argentina - Founder and director of Vegfest Argentina - Coordinator of the Meat Free Monday Argentina Campaign. In 2001 created "El Vegetariano Vegano" magazine, a pioneer magazine in the diffusion of veganism in Latin America, was the only specific magazine on Hispanic-speaking veganism in LatinAmerica. In 2002, he created and organized Vegfest Argentina, a pioneer event in All of Latin America, the Vegfest Argentina being the most important vegan event in Hispanic America, that is held every year and to which thousands of persons attend and where it does show The Scientific Evidence of the Benefits of veganism. Coordinates the Youtube Channel of the UVA Where There are Hundreds of talks with videos, Conferences, workshops, Artistic Expressions and Activities On veganism in Spanish.

Marly Wincler

IVU Chair (2018- )

Marly Winckler is a sociologist and translator. Vegetarian since 1983 she created “Sitio Vegetariano”– the first webpage on vegetarianism in Portuguese–and the first discussion lists on vegetarianism in Portuguese and Spanish: veg-brasil and veg-latina (now ivu-latina). Latin American and Caribbean Coordinator of the International Vegetarian Union from 2000 to 2013. President and founder of the Brazilian Vegetarian Society 2003-2015 (now Honorary President). IVU chair 2012-2014. She lives in Florianopolis, the beautiful Island which hosted the 36th IVU World Vegetarian Congress in 2004, organized by her.

Rubem da Costa Gomes

IVU Representative Africa

Born in Luanda, capital of Angola, Mr. Gomes worked as a civil servant in the area that has to do with licensing of commercial activities. Currently working as a business consultant, he has a bachelor's degree in Commercial Management and Marketing. Founder of Angolan Vegetarian Association (AVA), founder of Animal Save Movement Angola. Strict vegetarian since 2019, he has maintained this philosophy of life in a natural and honest way. Reducing animal suffering as much as possible is part of his philosophy of life. As an activist he feels it's his duty to defend animal life and to help clarify to people how important these animals are to us. Anti-speciesism, he is in favor of equality for all beings.  

Rune-Christoffer Dragsdahl

IVU Representative Europe

Rune-Christoffer is a Danish anthropologist and an expert on the relationship between sustainability, climate change, agriculture and food. He has worked as Assistant Lecturer in Anthropology at the University of Copenhagen and as External Lecturer in Sustainable Food Systems at the Danish Institute for Study Abroad. He has also conducted field research on agricultural development in Eastern Africa. Being a vegetarian since his birth, Rune-Christoffer became a volunteer for the Vegetarian Society of Denmark in 2011. In 2016 he was appointed Secretary-General of the organization., which subsequently evolved to become a professional organization with eight employees, focusing on structural change through political advocacy, awareness creation through the media and collaboration with other organizations and the corporate sector.

Saurabh Dalal

Nominated by Vegetarian Society of DC - IVU Councillor his passion is outreach, education, and greater advocacy of veganism and non-violence as compelling solutions to many global problems. He lives in the Washington DC area, maintain friendly and collaborative contact with many leaders in the vegetarian & animal rights movements, and enjoy interacting with activists and giving talks in the US & internationally. His years working as a Program Manager will help greatly with more efficient IC planning with constraints of costs / resources and timeframes to optimize our performance on initiatives. 

Shara Ng

IVU Regional Representative Asia Pacific

Secretary General of Asia Pacific Vegan Union(APVU)Also founder of Hong Kong Vegan Association, is a vegan activist in Hong Kong since 2006.  Shara became lacto vegetarian since 1991 and then moved one more step further to become vegan since 2007. Shara is the founder of Meat Free Hong Kong‐a programme under the Hong Kong Vegan Association since 2009, an on‐going meet‐up every Monday (Meat Free Monday) enjoying vegan dishes in various vegetarian Restaurants all over Hong Kong and now these gatherings also held on weekend. Shara is the founder and organiser of Hong Kong VegFest since 2013 with collaboration of nine Hong Kong veggie organizations. The VegFest each year attracts thousands of visitors and helps many vegan businesses to promote their products to over 6000 visitors. As one of the education programs for Hong Kong Vegan Association, Shara publishes GOVEG magazine since 2014 promoting plant‐based diet in Hong Kong and China.


The International Vegetarian Union’s Vegan Nutrition Guide for Adults

Free material, in 2 versions:

  • For healthcare professionals
  • For non-healthcare professionals
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The International Vegetarian Union’s Vegan Nutrition Guide for Adults

Free material, in 2 versions:

  • For healthcare professionals
  • For non-healthcare professionals