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A Year in the Sky

Skyscapes are like landscapes, but looking up of course. The photos below are all from my office window in the west of England, and all but one of them during 2010, so this is my review of the year. The window looks out over a flat landscape which people living in hills and mountains might think rather boring, but it makes for a big sky, and an endlessly changing kaleidoscope, sometimes unexpected like this odd stub of a rainbow behind a grain silo:

The window looks east, so I get sunrises, but only reflected sunsets, and rainbows in the afternoons when the sun is going down in clear western skies and the east is damp:

Double Rainbow (November 2009, all others 2010)

January - Between the Snows

January - The Big Blue

February - Wood Pigeons leaving the Oak Tree

March - Full Moon Rising

March - Buzzard Soaring

March - Black Headed Gulls following the tractor

March - Double Rainbow 2 - the pot of gold

April - Trails on Blue

May - Stormy Weather

May - Mountains of Clouds

May - Martian Sunset, looking north-east, the setting sun reflected in the clouds

June - Hot Air Balloon in low cloud

June - Midsummer Sunrise

August - Late Summer Shades

December - Ice Blue

Best wishes to all for 2011!

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