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International Vegetarian Union and the Venerable History of Vegetarianism [Videos]

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then how much is a video worth?

Last year a friend sent me a link which she said had some info I was looking for. It turned out to be a young woman talking to a camera for about 45 minutes, the bit I wanted was somewhere in the middle . . . I suggested it would have been easier if she wrote it down, I could read the whole thing much quicker than watching the video, but more usefully I could skim thru to find the detail I wanted.

My friend said that young people these days don’t like reading, they would rather watch a video . Apart from making me feel rather old, I found that an alarming comment – are the next generation really losing the ability to read more than a few words?

Well . . . if you’ve had enough of reading my blogs, you can now watch some instead. The programs below are mostly edited from an interview I did at the 1st Middle East Veg Congress in Dubai last December – partly about veg history, and going on to what IVU is doing these days.


Top - how Jun, the interviewer, and Sam, the cameraman, looked from where I was sitting – we used a Dubai conference center café which was fortunately not busy at that time.

Bottom – the whole congress was broadcast live, then an edited version was re-broadcast in five episodes a couple of months later.

The program title is:

OUR NOBLE LINEAGE International Vegetarian Union and the Venerable History of Vegetarianism

Each of the links below has links to the other two, and other video formats if preferred for your system:

Part 1: - the early days of veg*ism on the internet; the earliest vegetarians, thru to the beginnings of veg organizations in the 19th century, and the launch of IVU in 1908:

Part 2: - the origins of the words ‘vegetarian’ and ‘vegan’; the expansion of media and veg restaurants, and the impact of environmental awareness:

Part 3: - what IVU has been doing around the world in recent years, and the Middle East Veg Congress in Dubai.

Each episode is about 16 minutes. All three, in various formats, can be found at:

Below - the Minister of Health for the United Arab Emirates lighting the lamp to open the congress, with IVU Middle East Coordinator, Sandhya Prakash (in blue):

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