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Chair of IVU visits Montevideo and Buenos Aires

In a recent trip to Montevideo and Buenos Aires Marly Winckler, chair of the International Vegetarian Union´s Council – IVU, took the opportunity to meet vegetarian activists in both neighbor capitals

In late February I went to Montevideo-where my oldest sister is living-together with mother who btw is Argentinean to celebrate her 86th years anniversary. We spent there about 10 days, having crossing the Mar del Plata, which connects the Uruguayan capital to Buenos Aires separated by three hours by ferryboat. In Montevideo Unión Vegetariana Uruguaya´s president, Andrés Prieto and I were interviewed on February 29 by Monica Lorenzo for the program Vida Sana of Chanel 10, were we answered questions about the vegetarian movement.

I have been also interviewed in two programs of Radio Universal, commanded by vegan activist Cristina Gayo. We can see a growing interest in the theme in this capital which together with Brazil and Argentina forms the three Latin-American countries whit the highest consumption of meat (nothing to be proud of).

Still in Montevideo Francis Abella received a happy group, including an activist vegan family that came specially from Colonia, in his nice home in the old city for an informal chat and co-fraternization. Next day I delivered a talk for about 30 people, at the invitation of Unión Vegetariana Uruguaya. The group is very enthusiastic and is meeting every month and is planning various actions to spread vegetarianism.

Reunion de la UVU - Marly Winckler

In a short walk around the Punta Carretas neighborhood where my sister lives I found the nice Mercado Verde, where we can find a variety of vegan products, such as almond milk, cashew cheese etc. This is a world tendency and an evident sign of the growing awareness about the impacts of our food to animals, health and environment.

IMG 1309-1

In Buenos Aires I had lunch with IVU Regional Representative Manuel Martí in the charming vegan restaurant Pic Nic at the famous Calle Florida. Among the various themes treated we talk about the next Latin American Vegfest to be held next November 2nd and 3rd in the Argentinean capital. Let´s wait for more news.

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It´s impossible to go to Buenos Aires and not seeing a tango show so duly we went to Carlos Gardel, having myself at the eve reserved a vegan diner. Didn´t know what to wait for but for my great surprise an excellent vegan diner was offered to me. Sign of the times!

IMG 1239-1

And last but not least (!) in Buenos Aires I visited the Cathedral of which a few days later his cardinal was elected pope. Let´s hope he be worth of his name Francisco and apart from thinking in the poor thinks also in the animals.

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