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IVU in Asia 2013 - travel options

This page is for travel to the 41st IVU World Vegfest in Malaysia - with an optional post-Vegfest tour in Thailand - and an optional trip to the Vegan Festival in India the previous weekend.

For the main 2013 Vegfest page see:

Travel notes
- if you are just going to the IVU World Vegfest:

airasiaStep 1 - to Kuala Lumpur
- from most parts of Asia/Australia, check out AirAsia, based in KL:  - basic, no frills and usually cheap.
- from the rest of the world, many major ailines go to KL, those based in the Middle East will often offer the best value and service.

alisangoldencoachStep 2 - Penang

- there are high-quality buses (example right), about 4 hours from KL to Penang, about USD$10-15, and you get to see the countryside.
- a special bus, just for the IVU Vegfest, could be possible, watch this space...

- or you could fly with AirAsia, about 1 hour, for a similar low price of about US$16 each way - but the airport is an hour bus ride out of town, and you have to get thru security, baggage collection etc., so probably not much quicker... 

- you might consider going up on the bus, but flying back if you are making a connecting flight home from KL airport - your choice.

Step 3
- either on to the tour of Thailand, or back to KL and home Some Asians will be able to fly home direct from Penang, the rest of the world will also have alternatives to changing in KL - eg fly home from Phuket or Bangkok if you're going on to Thailand.


A possible itinerary for the complete Asian experience... 
NOTE: each part of this can be arranged separately - you do not have to go to all of it!

India - 4 days | spare/travel - 2 days | Kuala Lumpur - 5 days | travel - 1 morning | Penang -  afternoon/evening + 1 day | = 13 days, plus optional few days in Thailand - or arrive earlier/leave later, or just go to one or two parts of it, to suit your own interests.

Details - Sept/Oct 2013
Sept Friday 27 - arrive in Byndoor, India, by the sea (or earlier if you want more time on the beach or seeing a bit of India...), evening reception for the Vegan Festival
Sat/Sun 28/29 - VeganFest
Mon 30 - day trip in the area

Oct Tues/Weds 1/2 - fly to Kuala Lumpur - budget airlines available - free day at one end, your choice

Thurs 3 - Sun 6 IVU World Vegfest in KL (city hotel)
Mon 7 - tour of KL
Tues 8 - morning travel to Penang (tourist resort) to continue the IVU World Vegfest in afternoon and evening.
Weds 9 - tour of Penang

Thurs 10 - possible tour over the border to the annual Veg Festival in many parts of Thailand (Penang is near the border)

Travel notes
- if you want to go to the Vegan Festival in India then onto the IVU World Vegfest

**the nearest airport to the Vegan Festival in Byndoor is Mangalore (do not confuse with Bangalore!) - this was very recently made an international airport and flights are expanding. It is possible that Air Asia might introduce a direct flight to Kuala Lumpur during 2013. Which would make things easier - we'll keep you informed - meanwhile you have to change in Bangalore.**

- there are domestic flights from within India to Mangalore, so if you're already in India you might be able to skip the Bangalore steps below.

Step 1
- from outside of India - fly to Bengaluru (Bangalore):
- from anywhere East of India - see AirAsia
- from anywhere West of India - it should be possible to arrange 'multi-city' flights - outward to Bangalore, and home from Kuala Lumpur (or Phuket/Bangkok), at no extra cost. (most Middle East based airlines should do this - Emirates certainly do, change in Dubai).

Step 2
- to Byndoor
spicejet- there is a train from Bengaluru to Byndoor, about 200 miles/300km - takes about 14 hours (on the express...), great scenery, if you like Indian trains and don't mind the toilets...
jetair- OR - fly to Mangalore, about 1 hour - budget airlines such as SpiceJet or JetAir offer a return trip - Banga-Manga-Banga - for about US$100. Then train or taxi, a couple of hours, to Byndoor.

Step 3
- to Kuala Lumpur
- go back to Bangalore, then use AirAsia direct to KL, about 4 hours - less than US$100 if you take the cheaper days, but still under US$150 on others.

See above for Malaysia/Thailand travel

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