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40th IVU World Vegfest

October 5-14, 2012
San Francisco & Los Angeles, California, USA

"We thought it was great. Top speakers, lovely people.  Especially enjoyed San Francisco with its outdoor festival component. Loved  it!" - Julie & Brian, London Vegans

Some pre-event blogs by the IVU Manager:
from England to California - preliminary visit in February 2010
We're going to San Francisco . . . - some background on the SF vegsoc
IVU and Vegsource - together at last! - the Los Angeles connection
California here we come! - summarising the plans

The full original program - everything we did in both cities

Photos, videos, reports:

San Francisco

1above: the 'top table' - one of many - at the Millenium restaurant on the opening night

above: an amazing vegan dessert at The Millennium

Slide show of photos from the Vegfest in the Park
, produced by SFVS

above: the SFVS Veg Festival in full swing in the County Fair Building, Golden Gate Park. Bottom left is Dixie Mahy, SFVS President

Videos of the complete talks/lectures from the Saturday/Sunday in the Park (produced by SFVS)

above: standing room only for one of the talks in SF

An icloud photo view of SF by Alex from Brazil

above: a corner of the rooftop reception at the VegNews office, everyone wanted a photo of Dixie...

Great photos of the VegNews reception by Jenny Li

More great photos of veg people in San Francisco by Jenny Li

Report about the San Francisco sessions by Friend of Animals

A letter from SFVS about the event (PDF 110k)

The IVU photo album for San Francisco - includes the Millennium, Vegfest in the Park, and the VegNews visit

Congress is dead - long live the Vegfest
post-SF personal blog by the IVU Manager

Los Angeles

above: Chef AJ looking after visitors from a dozen different countries on the trip around Los Angeles - it took in the Getty Museum, Venice Beach and Hollywood, with great food stops at Native Foods and Follow Your Heart restaurants.

114 photos of the LA bus trip, from Gali in Israel

above: lunch break on the bus tour, at Native Foods, Westwood

above: the IVU Seminar in LA - Susianto from Indonesia talking about b12 in tempeh

Recipes from the opening dinner for the Vegsource Healthy Lifestyle Expo
- by Jeff Novick

above: Friday night opening dinner for the VegSource Healthy Lifestyle Expo

The IVU photo album for LA - includes the bus trip, IVU Seminar, and the Vegsource Expo:

104 photos of the IVU Seminar and Vegsource Expo, from Gali in Israel

Official photos from Saturday/Sunday - the Vegsource Healthy Lifestyle Expo
- from a pro photographer

above: on the last day in Los Angeles - Dr. John McDougal addressing a packed Vegsource Healthy Lifestyle Expo

Vegsource are producing a professional quality DVD of all the talks at the Expo, you can pre-order it here

. . . and then to something completely different - personal blog by the IVU Manager

200 photos of everything in California
, from Sun Veg in Australia:

A small, 20 photo, personal collection by the IVU Manager of the whole California trip:

American Vegan - 4 page review of the IVU Vegfest in California
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