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China Xiamen, International Vegetarian Food Fair and Forum - from 2009

Notes from the organisers:

Forum origin

Xiamen has a great many vegetarian food restaurants whose number ranks top in China. In the past two years, the concept of healthy life was greatly promoted by this fair. The number of people who eat and advocate vegetarian food is increasing. More and more green and healthy food is appearing. Moreover, eating vegetarian food is no longer related with religion but a new style of healthy life, as well as a modern fashion of global diet.

The International Vegetarian Forum in 2009, five speakers from England, Indonesia, Singapore, Taiwan, Xiamen gave perfect speaches with the subject of “Feeling the vegetarian wold, Sharing the healthy life”. There were three parts:New Concept of International Vegetarianism, Keep a Balanced Vegetarian Diet With Nutrition, The Development Status and Future of Vegetarian Industry.Vegetarians from home and abroad attended the forum enthusiastically.

IVU was actively involved in the first event, and was able to assist in the second.

Photos from the 1st IVFF, 2009, on IVU Facebook
Photos from the 2nd IVFF, 2010, on IVU Facebook

Lots more photos from 2009 on

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This is now an annual event, continued in 2011 and 2012, with plans for 2013. More at:

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