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11th International Vegan Festival 2007 - Karnataka, India

Celebrate Righteousness!
(The First Indian Vegan Festival)
At RNS Residency, Murdeshwar, Karnataka, India.
From Sep.30 to Oct. 06, 2007

WELCOME: We, at the Indian Vegan Society have immense pleasure to invite all to the 11th International Vegan Festival.

Venue: RNS Residency, Murdeshwar is located in the western coast of South India, about 800kms south of Mumbai, 200kms south of Goa Airport and 160kms north of Mangalore (nearest airport). It is a centrally air conditioned three star hotel with 85 rooms and 2 suites. It does not serve meat or meat island2products in its premises at all times and has three vegetarian restaurants, swimming pool, wave pool, jacuzzi, etc. It is located on a picturesque island hillock, sea tides hitting the base of the building. There is a beach close by with water sports facilities. There are other facilities like hospital, public telephone booth, internet café, vegetarian restaurant etc. in the vicinity. It is an ideal place to cover a number of Hindu & Jain pilgrimage centres and nature and wildlife spots. World famous 'Jog Falls' is just 2 hours' drive from here.

Why India? India has been advocating and following a largely cruelty-free lifestyle for ages. But, pressure on an expanding population to pursue material gain at the expense of morality and respect for life has brought mass exploitation and destruction of other beings for food and other benefits. To arrest this trend, Indians need to be reminded about the 'true vegetarianism' or 'veganism' which provides the foundation for an ethical lifestyle whereby all beings can live in peace and harmony.

Why Murdeshwar? In India, veganism is a novelty and one can hardly find a completely vegan venue suitable for this kind of event. Though there is a huge vegetarian population, top class complete vegetarian venue itself is very rare. Since the venue is a totally vegetarian 3 star hotel, it is the natural choice. In addition, it being a pilgrimage place, thousands of people visit this place everyday. Therefore, being here, the message of veganism can be spread among people from different places.

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