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2nd Latin America Vegetarian Congress 1974 - Colombia

from the report of the 1st Congress in Venezuala:

Congress in Colombia - 1974

Discussion of the site for the next Congress of Latin-America, was fairly brief and quite amiable. While both Peru and Mexico had interest, it was felt that in these early stages it should be kept in a country reasonably near the center of the continent, or rather the center of Spanish-America, including both South and Central America. This Colombia was chosen for the next Latin-American Vegetarian Congress, to be held in just two years, the first week of December 1974. An extra feature would be that Colombia has a much cheaper currency and prices are much lower there, as compared to Venezuela (Caracas is more like New York in prices than like a typical South American city).

- this is all the information we have at present, though later records imply the event did go ahead.

Compiled by John Davis

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