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5th International Vegan Festival 1990 - Netherlands

Fifth International Vegan Festival Report

July 21 - 28 1990 - Hengelo, Het Kervel, Holland, Organized by Cor Nouws

Attended by over 90 people from 10 different European countries, Australia, Canada and the US.

Most people were accommodated in the old mansion, but others camped in the grounds, and fortunately it did not rain that week. The conference centre had a chapel. Satisfying vegan meals were served by the staff of the conference centre who were Seventh Day Adventists.

The Festival was very efficiently organized by the Dutch Vegan Society - Cor Nouws, Marjo Disseldorp and Peter van der Eynden.

The official language was English.

Much was crammed into the week's program. - Activities ran in parallel.

As well as lectures, workshops, and videos, there was music and dancing, day trips, cycle tours and non-competitive games.

Workshops covered topics such as, animals in religion, vegan kitchens, infant nutrition, breast feeding and fasting. The videos included "Food for a Future", "The Man of the Trees" (Richard St.Barbe Baker), and one with Jay Dinshah of the American Vegan Society speaking with great passion and uplifting energy on Ghandhi's Truth Force.

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