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4th Southeast Asian Vegetarian Congress 2010 - Medan, Indonesia

Report from SEAVC, 20-21 March 2010 The 4th Southeast Asian Vegetarian Congress, Tour and Expo 2010 has successfully been organised and concluded. Held in Medan (the capital city of North Sumatra Province of Indonesia), the Congress was attended by some 1,000 participants across Indonesia and neighbouring guests from Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Taiwan and Hong Kong.

The Congress took the theme “The Joy of Vegetarian Lifestyle for All”. Prior to the Opening Ceremony on 20 March 2010, distinguished VIP guests had a memorable one-night stay at Lake Toba, the making of a supervolcano some 70,000 years ago. Lake Toba which is only four hours from Medan, is an ideal tourist destination for eco-nature tour, one of the most favourite tourist escapes in Indonesia.

The SEAVC 2010 was officiated by Prof. Dr. Maitree Suttajit, PhD (President of AVU), Drs. Susianto Tseng, MKM (Asia-Pacific Regional Coordinator of IVU, also the Operational Chairman of Indonesia Vegetarian Society) and other dignitaries from the government and businesses. Ms. Mohana Gill was also acknowledged for her work awarded the Best Author of Vegetarian Book 2008. The audience was then pampered by world-class entertainment by youth dancing groups from the International Nature Loving Association (INLA). The audience was especially mesmerized and touched by the live drama “We are One Family” which vividly depicts the grim condition of the world societies and how we can save Planet Earth and ourselves. The drama was a huge success and has received “two-thumbs-up” from international as well as local audiences.

The Congress itself was held on Sunday, 21 March 2010 from 9am to 6pm, featuring authorities in their respective fields, of whom eight are from Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore. The workshops cover topics from vegan health; historical, sociological and humanistic aspects of vegetarianism; vegetarian strategies, alternative healing with herbs and acupressure to live culinary demonstration. Vegetarian (especially vegan) lifestyle is not only healthful, humane and environmentally friendly; but it can also be delicious to be sustainable.

The congress was concluded with token of awards to all speakers and appreciation to the OC Team. For more information on the Congress, pictures and workshop materials, please log on at

See you in WVC 2010 this October in Jakarta. See you also in the 5th AVC end of 2011 in Hangzhou China and the 5th SEAVC in Chiang Mai (Thailand) in 2011.

Reported by : Telaga Sutji (IVS Medan)

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