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3rd International Vegan Festival 1988 - Brighausen, Germany

3rd International Vegan Festival

Germany, Bringhausen, July 16-23 1988

Organised by Hans Peters.

This took place in Bringhausen (a short distance from Kassel).

The Mazdnan house gave the attenders a nice welcome: good food, warm and friendly atmosphere, beautiful house in surroundings of the same kind.

Attended by more than 100 adults and 12 children. About half the people came for the Raw-Food course more so than for the festival itself. (A good course that was run simultaneously). It was a well attended and pleasnt event.

There were excursions, discussion groups and many lectures on various topics: Raw food eating, pregnancy and children, breast cancer and the use of cows milk, curing of skin diseases on a vegan diet... And music, folk-dancing, singing, yoga and jogging.

It was decided to start a society 'Vegans International' for international coordination and promotion of veganism, to initiate and support the start of new vegan groups, societies and foundations in countries where there is no organization yet.. It was accepted to use the logo that was used in the Netherlands some 9 years ago and which is related to the illustration used by the Vegan Society in England from 1979 to 1984.

- Cor Nouws, - Article from New Leaves (MCL), January 1989.

Compiled by John Davis

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