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1st International Congress 1889 - Pre-Congress Notices and Program

1st International Congress 1889
Cologne, Germany

From The Vegetarian (London), August 3, 1889:

Of the Societies for Natural Living, Temperance, Hygiene, and Hydropathy
On the 13th, 14th, 15th, 16th, and 17th September, 1889, arranged by the First German Natural Living Society.

BEFORE the Conferences a four days' visit up the Rhine will take place. All who join this excursion are requested to be in Cologne on Monday, the 9th September, unless they prefer to join the party at Wiesbaden on the 10th, or at Rüdesheim on the 11th September.

The party will leave Cologne early on the 9th of September, by saloon-steamer direct to Wiesbaden, where they will saty over the 10th, leaving on the 11th, early in the morning, for Rüdesheim, where they will visit the National Denkmal, on the Niederwald. In the afternoon they will proceed down the Rhine by steamer to Coblenz. The next day, September 12th, visit to the Royal Castle of Swlzenfels, to Lahnstein, and Bad-Ems, and afterwards to Reinagen. Friday, the 13th, visit to the Apollinaris Church and departure to Rolandseck and Konigswinter ; visit to the "Seven Mountains," especially the Drachenfels and Heisterbach. In the evening back to Cologne.

On Friday, the 13th at 6 p.m., reception from friends abroad, in the rooms of the Wolkenburg (Cæcilienkloster), in the neighbourhood of the Neumarkt and the Schildergasse (tramway Ouerbahn).

PROGRAMME of the first International Congress

Saturday, September 14th. - 9.30 a.m., Opening of the Congress ; 10.30, Conference respecting a periodical Congress of all Societies for hygienic reform ; dinner ; in the afternoon, a visit to the Cathedral and ascent of the towers ; 6 p.m., Supper for Children ; 8.0 p.m., the Rev. Prof. J.E.B. Mayor, Senior Fellow of St.John's, Cambridge, President of the Vegetarian Society, Manchester, will speak on "Why I am a Vegetarian" ; Dr. Phil. Ang. Aderholdt, of Paris, will speak on "New Scientific Proofs respecting the Vegetarian System."

Sunday, September 15th. - 10 a.m., Service in the English Chapel ; Conference of the Members of the German Natural Living Society ; 11 a.m., public discourse concerning Hygiene ; 12, noon, general meeting of all members of the Congress ; dinner ; in the afternoon, visit to the Flora and the Exposition ; 7 p.m., public Festival ; 8 p.m., Banquet and musical entertainment.

Monday, September 16th. - 8 a.m., Breakfast in the Volksgarten, and aquatic sports ; visit to the new Ringstrasse ; 10.30, close of the Conference ; Dinner, followed by visit to the most remarkable places, monuments and buildings of Cologne ; Supper ; 8 p.m., discourse of Dr. Med. Wehberg, Dusseldorf, on "Abstinence from Alcohol, and the Social-Economic position."

Tuesday, September 17th. - Excursion to the Park and Royal Castle of Rhuhl, and other places in the neighbourhood of Cologne.

All arrangements will probably take place in the rooms of the Wolkenburg.

Further information may be obtained on application at the offices of the London Vegetarian Society, Memorial Hall, E.C. ; from Mr. Jos. Knight, Vegetarian Society, Manchester ; or from Prof. André, Alpine House, Littlehampton.

From The Vegetarian (London), August 17, 1889:

The above notice was repeated, with a change of the Rhine trip starting on Wednesday 11th, instead of Monday 9th September with some changes to the route.

This was followed by a very long a detailed article giving possible travel arrangements from London to Cologne, including an option to visit the Paris Exhibition..

From The Vegetarian (London), August 24, 1889:

The first part of the amended Rhine trip was repeated.

A long letter to the editor from W.H.Sullivan went into considerable detail about changing money and added a few useful phrases in French and German, plus comments on the availablility of food for the traveller.

From The Vegetarian (London), August 31, 1889:

Again the summary of the Rhine trip was repeated, followed by another very detailed article about the places to be seen on the tour.

From The Vegetarian (London), September 7, 1889:

The first part of the amended Rhine trip was repeated.

From The Vegetarian (London), September 14, 1889:

The Programme for the Congress was repeated.

Compiled by John Davis

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