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The plant-based foods industry is growing rapidly, and diversification of plant-based products has been increasing rapidly over the past five years. Let's explore how plant-based businesses can meet the demands of consumers. See what opportunities and markets there will be for innovative vegan products.

Don't miss the opportunity to enhance your brands.

Only USD500 to enter each product.  Any number of vegan products can be entered.

Register your products - you can have your products in our:

  1. Product showcase at the LOHAS Expo 2020, July 31 - August 2, 2020: The Trade Exhibition of Natural, Organic, Vegan, Vegetarian and Green Living Products Exhibition since 2012 - the event is in Hong Kong SAR, China.
  2. Product showcase at the 8th VegFest HK - October 2020 - the event is in Hong Kong SAR, China.
  3. Product showcase in APVU Vegan Cruise in Asia on 10th January, 2021.
  4. You wiProduct showcase and awards at the IVU Beijing Vegan Festival - the event is on October 29th to November 1st, 2021 - in Beijing, China.ll also have:
  1.  A full year of business matching opportunities, to help you to make important connections, and facilitate meetings and video conferences, to secure direct business.
  2. Product listings in the Vegan Directory (to be published by IVU). The Vegan Directory is a comprehensive listing of vegan foods & beverages, personal care products, beauty products, apparel, vegan lifestyle products, and services, supporting vegan associations, etc. The directory is the premier sourcing guide which circulates in both print and online editions worldwide.
  3. Product listings in our monthly newsletters, to increase brand and product exposure in the market.

Entry is now open for The Global Vegan Projects Awards – a celebration of innovation in branded goods - across 9 categories of food and non-food.

To be eligible, products must be vegan/plant-based without animal testing.

Here are the categories for Plant-Based Food Products and Vegan Lifestyle Categories:

A. Food Items
  • · Non-Alcoholic drinks
  • · Wholefoods
  • · Comfort Foods
  • · Functional Foods / Superfoods
  • · Pet Food & Pet Treats

B. Non-food
  • · Cosmetics
  • · Bodycare
  • · Household Products
  • · Clothing and Accessories - including Shoes

Early-bird deadline is 31 January, 2021.

Why early-bird?

Because we have a few opportunities for your products to be introduced in Asian Markets through a few events, the Vegetarian Food Asia (Hong Kong), the Asia Pacific Vegetarian Union Conference (Hong Kong and Asia) - and more to come.

Deadline of all entries: September 30, 2021

To Submit your entry [Entry Form​]
Remember that you can enter as many products as you like, but each individual product can only be entered into one category.

Our rigorous judging process has two stages. Each item is first tried and tested onsite by 50 or more consumers under controlled conditions.

They are assessed for factors including visual appearance, taste, texture, packaging, and value for money. They are then further scrutinised by our expert panel. Combined scores from the four stages are used to determine the winners.

Winners will be announced on 1st October, 2021. A directory will be given to guests at Beijing IVU Vegan Festival in Beijing, China, co-hosted by the Vegetarian Culinary Art Committee of the China Cuisine Association and the Hong Kong Vegan Association.

Award recipients will gain exposure across IVU in print and online, and be given a winner's logo to use in all promotional marketing.


The IVU was founded in 1908 in Dresden, Germany. The idea came from the French Vegetarian Society. The first Congress was organised internationally by the British Vegetarian Society, and locally by the Dresden Vegetarian Society, with support from the Deutsche Vegetarier-Bund.

Since then, a series of World Vegetarian Congresses have been held in most continents, and, in 2008 the IVU returned to Dresden for the Centenary 38th Congress. From 2012 this major global event has been renamed the 'IVU World Vegfest'. During 2021, the event has been renamed as "IVU Vegan Festival".
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