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1st European Vegetarian Congress 1985 - Cervia, Italy

From the minutes of the IVU General Meeting held during the World Congress, Baltimore 1984, in the 'Regional Secretaries Reports':

In the absence of a European Secretary, the Hon.General Secretary reported on the growth of interest in vegetarianism in Europe and particularly in animal rights. He mentioned the problems of vegetarian societies in Eastern Europe. A European Congress was to be held at Cervia in Italy from 25th - 31st August, 1985 when it was hoped to develop co-operation between European societies.

From The Vegetarian (Vegetarian Society UK) January/February 1985:

IVU European Congress

The International Vegetarian Union is arranging a European Congress to be held in Cervia, on the Adriatic Coast of Italy (near San Marino) from Sunday, 15 August to Saturday, 31 August 1995.

Toatl cost will be about 240,000 lire (two sharing a room) with reductions for families. Accommodation is in single or double rooms. There will be a full programme of talks, excursions, entertainments etc.

Bookings at the normal rate need to be in by the end of March. Anyone wishing to give a talk should send details before the end of April.

Further information, bookings etc. contact: Mr. M. G. Lee, Hon.General Secretary IVU 10 King's Drive, marple, Stockport, Cheshire, SK6 6NQ Please enclose a stamped addressed envelope.

From The Vegetarian (Vegetarian Society UK) March/April 1985:

The above notice was repeated with the dates corrected to: Sunday 25 August to Saturday 31 August.

From The Vegetarian (Vegetarian Society UK) May/June 1985:

The same notice repeated as above

From The Vegetarian (Vegetarian Society UK) March/April 1986:

IVU News

The International Vegetarian Union held its first European Conference last August in Cervia, Italy. Two hundred and fifty people attended and reaffirmed the aim of the Union to fight against factory farming, vivisection, cruel sports and other animal abuse. A young Belgian doctor, Jacqueline André, was elected to the post of European Secretary. In a meeting held in Brussels in December, Maxwell Lee, Chairman of Council of the VSUK, was elected President of the European Regional Council of the IVU.

from the minutes of the IVU General Meeting at the World Congress in Dubrovnik 1986, in the 'Regional Secretaries Reports':

Professor Marcel Hebbelinck gave the report in the absence of Dr Jacqueline Andre. He mentioned the development of the European Vegetarian Union and the proposal to hold another European Congress in Belgium in 1987 following the successful one held in Italy in 1985. He mentioned growing interest in various countries.

- John Davis, IVU Manager & Historian


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