The 48th IVU World Vegan Festival and the Vegan Food Academy

48th IVU Vegan Festival

The 48th IVU World Vegan Festival was initially planned for 2020, it was to follow our 47th Festival, which was held in Berlin, hosted by ProVeg.

The year 2020 saw the coronavirus pandemic, the world had to accommodate to the new normal which was determined by this human induced world epidemic. This is not the time or place to talk about it however this pandemic is the bitter result of
humanities mistreatment of the environment and animals. We are repeating this same statement consistently on our webpages, social media handles and our events, such as the one we are now about to cancel.

Yes, this is the sad news we are bringing to your notice: with the current level of uncertainty, even online events are affected especially when they are held on an international scale.

Due to unprecedented circumstances, we regret to inform you of the cancellation of the 48th IVU World Vegan Festival. As soon as we are in a position to do, we will inform our dear members and supporters of the next IVU Vegan Festival.

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Despite today’s harsh conditions we have not stood still, we continue to provide a basis for action towards IVU’s mission. We are working diligently to update our old collection of vegan recipes. IVU was a pioneer in publishing vegan recipes on the Internet. We have successfully accumulated thousands of recipes over the past few decades, creating an invaluable encyclopedia of timeless recipes, submitted to us from members and sympathizers around the world. It's precisely because we pioneered this way of
publishing vegan recipes, that its presentation methods have now become obsolete. Today's generations are accustomed to images and videography providing a certain element of convenience. Hence the requirement for a complete update.

So, we are proud to introduce you to the newly established Vegan Food Academy, a vegan cooking school that aims to bring together recipes from all over the world, providing a platform to showcase and celebrate unique food cultures, ingredients, preparation techniques, spices, flavors, and colors.

If you would like to contribute a recipe or if you would like to learn more about this exciting IVU Project, please send a e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. so we can return you the requirements to post your recipe inside the VFA.

Shara Ng
IVU Regional Representative for Asia Pacific (Beijing IVU Vegan Festival host)
Marly Winckler – IVU chair
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47th IVU World Vegfest Report

ivu meeting

IVU Vegfests come and go and the 2019 edition has just come to the end. Every IVU Vegfest is different and every one is good - with peculiarities unique to the local, the hosting country and hosting group.

The 47th IVU Vegfest fit pretty much the moto chosen by ProVeg, our main host: IVU World Vegfest Goes Vegan Summer Festival Berlin. This was very much the case, as it was more a visit than an integral participation as is often the case. Still, IVU had some participation in
every aspect of the event: some talks in the main tent, an artistic presentation and our IVU Network Tent - which worked well as a space to meet, talk and share experiences. IVU’s high point at this Vegfest was the IVU Leaders and Simpatizers Meeting, held at the ProVeg office.


  pdf >> IVU 2019 年會回顧 - 于柏林的蔬食夏令節 (2.06 MB)

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IVU Leaders and Sympathizers Meeting

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47th IVU World Vegfest 24th August 2019 – 3:30-6:30 pm - ProVeg Office - Genthiner Straße 48

On the 24th August 2019 as part of the 47th IVU World Vegfest, to be held this time in Berlin (from 23 to 25th August 2019) we are organizing a Meeting for Organizational Leaders to share “Successful ideas and concepts worth spreading”. The session is meant for leaders of IVU member organizations to share ideas, learn from one another, strategize, and network. Since many challenges are similar for a wide range of organizations, creative solutions and best practices are expected to be presented and shared.

samadhiAfter the Meeting we will have a dinner in the Samadhi Restaurant (Wilhelmstr 77) where we can reach by a pleasant walk of about 30-35 minutes or by bus/taxi as you choose. So, please, if you want to join the dinner tell us as soon as possible so we can do a reservation (dinner will be paid by each attendee). You can bring others with you but please let us know in advance.


After the dinner those who want to can attend the Open-air Concert of Berliner Philharmoniker at the Brandenburg Gate, which will be at 5 minutes walking from the restaurant.


3:30-3:45 pm Opening
Marly Winckler – IVU Chair

3:45-4:10 pm Presentation round

4:10:4:25 pm The Future of the Vegetarian Movement / best approaches and threats
Cynthia Schuck – IVU Councilor

4:25-4:40 pm Case - Meatless Monday Brazil
Mônica Buava – SVB

4:40-4:50 pm - How to Use Social Media to Help Animals
Larissa Maluf - SVB

4:50-5:00 pm - IVU Vegfests
Alex Fernandes – IVU Webmaster

5:00-5:10 pm Coffee Break

5:10-5:50 pm IVU Regions
Ignacya Uribe / Monica Buava – Latin America
Shara NG – Asia Pacific
Sebastian Joy – Europe
Jayanthy Cuddalorevenkatesan – India

5:50-6:05 pm Finances
David Pye – IVU Treasurer

6:05-6:20 pm 48th IVU World Vegfest – Beijing - China
Shara NG

6:20-6:30 pm Q & A

6:30-6:40 pm Goodbye – Marly

7:00 pm Dinner at Samadhi Restaurant - Wilhelmstrasse 77 -

Join us also at Vegan Tour on 26thand 27thAugust: ·


More information click here.

Thank you, IVU team (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

ProVeg Office


Read more: IVU Leaders and Sympathizers Meeting

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The International Vegetarian Union’s Vegan Nutrition Guide for Adults

Free material, in 2 versions:

  • For healthcare professionals
  • For non-healthcare professionals
Free recipe book

The International Vegetarian Union’s Vegan Nutrition Guide for Adults

Free material, in 2 versions:

  • For healthcare professionals
  • For non-healthcare professionals