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Norimaki (Sushi)

Recipe by Junko Murayama, presented at the Club on 6 May 1998 and 3 June 1998.

To prepare the rice, wash thoroughly and soak for at least 30 minutes. To cook, use 1.1 or 1.2 cups of water for every 1 cup of dry rice. Bring to the boil over a low heat, then turn the heat to high and cook until done; about 20 minutes. Do not take the lid off while cooking, or for 10 minutes afterwards.

For the sushi vinegar, use 1/10 as much as the dry rice by volume, for example, 0.1 cups of sushi vinegar for 1 cup of dry rice. Sushi vinegar is available from Chinese supermarkets - you could add a little mirin (sweet Japanese cooking wine) to sweeten it. Mix the sushi vinegar into the cooked rice while it is still hot.

To prepare the spinach, cook for a minute or two in boiling water then refresh with cold water.

Soak the dried mushrooms in lukewarm water, and reserve this water. Remove the stems of the mushrooms, and cook the mushroom caps at boiling point in enough soaking water to cover, for about 7 minutes until soft. Then add ½ tbsp sugar and 1 tbsp mirin and cook for a while longer. Add 1½ tbsp soy sauce and cook over low heat until the liquid has been reduced. Cool and cut the mushrooms into strips. Squeeze out excess liquid.

Drain and slice the pickled beetroot into strips. Boil the baby sweetcorn until soft, and mix with a little mirin and soy sauce.

Place a sheet of nori on a slightly damp bamboo rolling mat. Cover with a layer of rice, making sure the rice comes right up to the edges on your left and right. Place a line of fillings along the rice; spinach, mushrooms, beetroot and baby sweetcorn.

Roll up from the end closest to you, using the mat to help. When rolled, slice with a sharp damp knife - keep a jug of water to hand to make sure the knife is always clean and damp.

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