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The Vegetarian World Forum
No. 3 Vol. IX - Autumn 1955:

Photographs appeared on various pages throught the issue, often not directly related to the article on the same page. This works well in the magazine, but not on the website so the photos are all grouped together here. The captions are the originals and similar to the original style:
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MRS. CLARENCE GASQUE, President of I.V.U., and DR. JEAN NUSSBAUM, leader of the French Congress Committee and a member of the I.V.U. Executive.

The President arriving at The Hotel de Ville in Mr. and Mrs. Kahler's Jaguar

M.Taitinger, Vice-President of the Conseil Municipal, receiving delegates at The Hotel de Ville, Paris. He is shaking the Editor's hand. On the right is Mr. M. M. Shah, an Indian delegate, who was elected an I.V.U. Vice-President. Mr. and Mrs. Kahler are in the centre.

I.V.U. delegates in The Hotel de Ville with M. Taitinger.

Dr. Douglas Latto and Mrs. Monica Latto (third and fourth from the left) seen with some of the delegates, Dr. and Mrs. Boesnuch of Antwerp, Mr. Cyrus Hayes and Mrs. K. M. Ireland

At the Hotel de Ville :- (from left) : Mr. Josef Pedersen, Mr. Curtis Freshel, Mr. J. N. Mankar, Frua Ecker-Lauer, Mr. Richard St. Barbe Baker, Mrs. Olga Kahler, Mr. Woodland Kahler, Mr. Geoffrey L. Rudd and Mr. M. M. Shah.

A group of delegates outside the Maison Internationale at La Cité Universitaire

Dr. Jean Nussbaum (second from right) with Mme. Nussbaum, two compatriots and his secretary, Mme. E. de Meyer (left), whose work for the Congress was greatly appreciated.


At the Farewell Dinner an inscribed silver cup was presented to Dr. Jean Nussbaum by Mr. Geoffrey L. Rudd, Editor of World Forum and official delegate of The Vegetarian Society, as a souvenir of the Congress and in appreciation of his co-operation.

(top) A happy group of delegates awaiting the official photographer and (below) Mr. R. J. Greaves (light jacket), printer of World Forum, with Mrs. Edith Greaves.

In the front row are (from left) Mr. W. A. Sibly (Past President), Dr. Jean Nussbaum, Mr. Geoffrey L. Rudd and Mrs. Isabel James. From the extreme left are : Miss I. Sulkowsky, Mr. W. B. Day, Dr. Walter Sommer, Miss Ruth Playle, Mrs. Sommer, Mr. Dugald Semple, Dr. Douglas Latto, Mrs. Elsie Shrigley, Mr. Josef Pedersen, Mr. van Nedervan, Mr. M. Malinovitz, Mr. Vinkenborg, Mr. Wyman, Mr. M. M. Shah, Mr. J. van der Schaf, Mr. Oluf Egerod, Mr. Woodland Kahler, Mr. J. N. Mankar, Mr. Geoffrey B. Mills, Mrs. Ecker-Lauer, Mrs. Stephania Sypkens, Dr. C. Sypkens, Mr. Ronald Lightowler, Mr. Potoker, Miss E. Thomas, Mrs. Ferrandiz (with child), Mr. G. Messerley, Mr. Nadzwidz, Dr. Ferrandiz and Dr. Rogler.

Mrs. Dixn May (of Spade House, Folkestone, England) looking very decorative; Mr. A . C. Rogers, with Mrs. Rogers, sitting in the sun. Below: Mr. Oluf Egerod, Mrs. Schrowe, Mr. Harry Harris and Mrs. S. Sypkens. Right : Miss Ruth Playle of Canada, with Mrs. Doro and a friend.

(top left) Mr. George Hiller and Mrs. Ecker-Lauer of Germany, with Mr. Schmidt of Holland. (top right) Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Dextreit of France.
(mid left) The Abbé Lefevre chatting to delegates after his lecture. (mid right) Mr. Ronald Lightowler (Secretary of the London Vegetarian Society) with Miss Elaine Caron, one of the French Congress assistants, Mr. Geoffrey B. Mills (Delegate of the Vegetarian Society) and Mr. Wyman of Gloucester Vegetarian Society. In the picture at the bottom are Mr. J. van der Schaaf and Mr. Vinkenborg of Holland.

At a Press Conference prior to the Congress. - Mrs. and Mr. R. Dextreit, Mr. Josef Pedersen, Mrs. Clarisse Brobecker and Mrs. Yvonne du Bois d'Auberville, of the French Congress Committee, with Mrs. Mary Walker. Another group of delegates is seen below.

Mr. W. D. B. Day (Assistant Secretary, The Veteraian Society), Mr. Eduoard Brobecker, one of the French organisers, with Mrs.Goring and her son (Directors of the C. W. Daniel Co.) On the right is Mr. Louis de Coster of the French Committee with his two children.

Mrs Monica Latto, Mrs Mary Walker (wife of Hanworth Walker), Miss Vera Cobb and Mrs. K. M. Ireland

Mrs. Olga Kahler, M. R. S. Barbe Baker, Mr. Woodland Kahler, Mrs. Clarence Gasque, Mrs. Schrowe, Mr. O. Egerod, Mrs. S. Sypkens, Mrs. K. M. Ireland and Dr. C. Sypkens

Mr. Hanworth Walker (on left), generally too busy to be photographed, seen at a pre-congress luncheon given by Dr. Jean Nussbaum.



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