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No. 2 Vol. XI - SUMMER 1957 pp.14-15:




INDIA is extremely fortunate in having a vegetarian for its President and the 15th World Vegetarian Congress, under the auspices of The International Vegetarian Union, will be greatly honoured and helped by your gracious presence.

This Congress will be the glorious fruitage of 110 years of organized effort to spread vegetarianism - initiated in Britain by The Vegetarian Society in 1847.

Vegetarianism as a religious practice has, of course, persisted in India for thousands of years, springing from the recognition of the sacredness of all life and its essential unity. It would appear, however, that the purely religious ethic is not now sufficiently strong to hold some of the younger generation.  We feel therefore that it is necessary to make the scientific nutritional and medical reasons for vegetarianism more widely known.

Ethical principles reinforced by scientific facts give an unanswerable case for a fleshless diet - it is one of the aims of the Indian Congress to present such a case.

Your sympathy for our ideals is fully expressed in your way of. life and by your great kindness in consenting to inaugurate the Congress. We pray that your immense influence will be used to stem any drift away from India's unique heritage of Ahimsa, which is the most precious gift of ancient wisdom - one which is the most precious gift of ancient wisdom - one which is absolutely essential as a basis for world peace and the spiritual evolution of men of all nations.

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