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The Vegetarian World Forum
No. 2 Vol. XI - SUMMER 1957 pp.16-17:




WESTERN governments still treat you with a cautious reserve. This is because you always try to bring high principles into human affairs - and it is unsettling for nations motivated largely by political expediency and the rightness of force. May I assure you that there are many people in Britain who are filled with admiration for your courageous stand and your lone voice of statesmanship.

We look to India to permeate international relationships with the wisdom which is your country's inheritance - so miraculously preserved down the ages and through times of conquest by barbarians. And here I would say that many of us were not happy about things done in our name, but nevertheless hope for your forgiveness and the opportunity to work in harmony for the good of all.

Our message and prayer is that you remain steadfast to the unique Indian concept of non-violence.

Great hydro-electric schemes, automobiles, refrigerators and the comforts of modern inventive ness can enrich the life of a people - but please do not allow India to make the Western mistake of letting these things become ends in themselves.

India knows, better than all other nations, that the purpose of life is spiritual evolution.

It is right that everyone should have a good standard of living, hygienic conditions, opportunity for education and social security. Perhaps industrialization, for which you work so hard, is the only practical way of achieving these things - the world and human nature being what they are - but we hope you will profit by our mistakes and never let material wealth overshadow the things of the spirit, in which India is so rich.

You bear the awful weight of leadership for the Indian people. May you be sustained by the knowledge that you have the admiration of millions of people, all over the world, who look to you to bring the wisdom of the East into international affairs.

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