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No. 1 Vol. XI - SPRING 1957 pp.2-4:


You will be pleased to know that in India, although many of the States have been carrying on for years in prohibition, the plan now is that the entire country shall be prohibition.

This for the following reason:

The Government sent a Committee to visit every State in order to investigate its status from standpoints of well-being of the individual, the family and the community in relation to the presence of alcoholic supply, or as in some states, its absence. After careful analysis, it was proven that the economic condition, the individual health and the moral stadards of the States which had prohibition were definitely superior than in the States where alcohol was available. For the sake, therefore, of the benefit to the people, the plan now is to establish prohibition throughout the country.

The Congress President, Mr. U. N. Dhabar, has always been vegetarian, even avoiding steel cut grains, oil from steel aparatus etc., etc. The Convention of the Congress Party is now in session in Indore. It is interesting to note that for the expected attendance of 100,000, the catering contracts have have been given out on the strict understanding that no meat, fish, fowl nor even eggs will be served at any time. The further instruction is that no onions or garlic will be used in any preparation; the oil used will be from products of the earth only. The white garments worn by most of the delegates is cotton khadi, woven, for the most part, in the homes, as "cottage industry."

Surely a nation which so positively refrains from killing, will earn for itself a status of "Peace" among the nations.

As President of the International Vegetarian Union, I extend to India, on behalf of the I.V.U., our recognition of their high moral standards and the thought an wish that permanently their nation may demonstrate this pattern for world peace.

Gloria Gasque,
Tecate, California,
President, International Vegetarian Union

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