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The Vegetarian World Forum
No. 1 Vol. XI - SPRING 1957 pp.16-17:


YOU will be pleased to know that even after the decision to postpone the World Vegetarian Congress from February to
November, 1957, enthusiasm for the Congress in India and abroad has not only continued but enhanced. The All India Reception Committee has been considerably enlarged. Several propaganda meetings in various parts of India are held and encouraging replies are being received from vegetarians and humanitarians of the countries of the world. The response
from some of the Asian countries like Burma, Ceylon, Aden, Ethiopia, China and Japan is also very, encouraging.

The international as well as domestic situation is getting congenial. The General Elections in our country are in progress and will be over by the end of March, leaving an atmosphere free and receptive for other peaceful activities.

With regard to the programme and venue of the Congress, though the details are yet to be finalised, we hereunder release the outlines thereof:

  1. The Congress will be inaugurated on November 9th, 1957, at Bombay, where three days’ programme will be gone through, including cultural programme and sight-seeing.
  2. The foreign delegates will then fly to Delhi for a three days’ programme of cultural activities and sight-seeing.
  3. The delegates’ next flight will be from Delhi to Patna, where two days will be spent with visits to cultural and historical places.
  4. From Patna the delegates will fly to Calcutta for two days.
  5. From Calcutta the delegates will go to Madras, in the south, where three days’ programme has been arranged.

From Madras it will be open to the delegates to see any other places on their way or to fly back to Bombay.

Thus the Congress in its entirety will cover about 16 days, beginning from November 9th, 1957, including the days in transit from one centre to another.

At each of the above centres not more than four hours will be devoted to deliberations and discussions, while the rest of the time will be devoted to sight-seeing, cultural programmes, etc.

As India is a vast country, and as the Capital is in the North, at Delhi, the programme has been so arranged as to enable visitors and delegates to go to prominent towns located in the four quarters of the country and see as much as possible. The Reception Committee is also anxious for the presence of learned foreign delegates to impress the political magnates, medical men and the educated class in general. We therefore trust that the arrangements of the round tour Congress will
be appreciated, both by the incoming delegates as well as our countrymen.

As November 9th is now a firm fixture for the Congress to be inaugurated at Bombay, it is necessary that intending delegates and visitors should secure their booking beforehand so as to reach Bombay in time, in about the first week of November.

Conscious of the heavy financial expenditure likely to be incurred by the visiting delegates, or the Societies sponsoring their travels, the All India Reception Conunittee has decided to extennd free, hospitality to all the foreign delegates during the term of the Congress. The only expense they are expected to bear is for the flights from Bombay to different centres,
which would cost about £60 at full rates. Efforts are, however, being made to procure maximum concessions on such internal flights.

In view of the universal importance of the cause of vegetarianism and non-violence, and in view of the fact that the session in India will afford an opportunity to foreign humanitarians to visit this country, great as it is in its cultural heritage, we have no doubt the organisations in different countries, as well as individual humanitarians, will try their level best to be represented at this great World Congress.

Full particulars about travel facilities can be obtained from Mr. Harry Harris, General Secretary, International Vegetarian Union, 24 Binney Street, London, W.1, England, or from us in Bombay.

The fee for delegates is £5, and can be paid either in advance to the General Secretary of the I.V.U. or to us on coming to India for the Congress.

Fraternally yours,
General Secretaries.
149 Shroff Bazar, Bombay 2.

Mrs. Clarence Gasque, President of the I.V.U., and members of the I.V.U. Committee from Europe will include Mr. Woodland Kahler (Paris and U.S.A.), and Mr. Geoffrey L. Rudd, who will also be the official delegate of The Vegetarian Society, parent society of the vegetarian movement.


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