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No.3 Vol.4 - AUTUMN 1950 p.11


Chicago has a thriving group of vegetarians meeting every month for lectures and natural-living discussions, with enjoyable socials and good times. They have their own vegetarian restaurant - and the only one of its kind in the United States - at 236 Wabash Avenue, headed by Dr. John Maxwell, who has not tasted flesh of any kind for the past forty-seven years. Attesting to the superior advantages of vegetarianism by his fine complexion and alert mind, this octogenarian has long headed the members of vegetarianism in the United States, and is at present Honorary President of the Chicago group and Honorary President of the American Vegetarian Union.

Refraining from all flesh - their minds and bodies unencumbered - their motto ever in mind that "All Life is Sacred" - this Chicago Vegetarian Society is an illustration of what can be accomplished by unity, determination and inspirational knowledge - even in the city that is "hog butcher to the world" with its great sprawling stockyards.

The Chicago Vegetarian Society plans an ecursion trip to the famous Bergholz Health Institute in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in August. It is there John Persitza, First Vice-President of the American Vegetarian Union, holds sway aiding and abetting nature to bring thousands back to health using his own natural methods, proved throughout the years to be successful.

The fall season for vegetarians in Chicago gets under way in September with Dr. John T. Heinrichson as its first speaker, who has long been known in Chicago for his work in health circles.

It is hoped that Chicago may prove an example and an incentive for others of its kind. Begin a vegetarian group in your community. If one is already started - join it! Helo to spread the vegetarian way of life which, throughout history, has had the support of the world's outstanding personalities.

Ferne Lasser, Sec. Chicago Vegetarian Society


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