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No. 1 Vol. 2 - THE VEGETARIAN - SPRING 1948 pp.31-32

Gloria Gasque

Among the so-called "civilized" peoples, humanity has not yet reached a standard of true self-expression. The reason for this is that humans largely subsist upon the blood and corpses of dumb creatures-not only those of domestic value do they consume, but even the life of the forests, the birds of the air, and the denizens of the waters. This cannibalism is the destroyer of the body of man, as well as of his mind and of the Peaceful condition of his environment. We use the term "cannibalism" in its accurate sense, for it means "the eating of flesh and blood." It is not possible to rid flesh-tissue of its blood. Within the blood and the flesh of the creature does its soul, its nature, operate. We hold, therefore, that humanity at present is not expressing the quality of being human, but is putting forth into its activities in life a spirit which is bestial, due to the fact that the intelligence of the lower creatures, in entering into the abode of man, is taking possession of his kingdom, destroying his body and beclouding his mind.

Man has the better mind, to determine against this cannibalism, but, as long as he refuses to do so, his destined and true human joy in life and his possibility in accomplishment can never be attained. Not only is the mind beclouded by the lowered vibration of disintegrating tissue but there is constantly a deterioration of the purity of the bloodstream, of the response of the nerves and, especially, there is retarded the ever-increasing rate of vibration on the part of the glandular system, upon which the mind depends for its stir to a state of conscious thought; this condition of dull and wavering consciousness overpowers the otherwise alert thought of the higher intelligence and of the aspirations and ideals of the human, as well as coarsening his perceptions along practical and material lines - which have to do with the lower brain functions.

It is to be remembered that this lowering of the rate of vibration on the part of the glands is a very serious matter; for it is the function of this system to create etheric substances fit to pass on to the brain cells. Now, with no hindrances, the glands will constantly turn over the finest etheric substances which have been vibrated on to them, and, furthermore, will increase that rate of vibration to what degree is possible, in proportion to the existing conditions.

When dead tissue is "within the holy temple," then the degree of stir which can be added to an already low rate of vibration is negligible. Under more normal and natural conditions, however, the glands are able to enhance the vibratory action of the ethers, until there is reached a very high degree indeed. Nothing is more refined, exquisite, and volatile than are the ethers passed on to the brain of an individual who is sufficiently interested in himself to take care not to do anything - by thought, word or deed - to lessen his own possibilities - by desecrating his temple - which is the only medium of his mind and soul in the joys and accomplishments of life.

Thus the presence of dead tissue in the human body tremendously lowers the possibilities on the part of the glandular refining of the ethers; on the other hand, the continuous throwing of these highly rarefied etheric substances into the brain cells ceaselessly enhances brain power and physical health. It is, therefore, imperative that the human being use every possible means to prevent there entering his tabernacle any food which is destitute of the power for further progress in the evolutionary scale.

As the flesh cell has reached its last degree in evolution in becoming tissue, there can only remain disintegration ahead. At the time of the last out-breathing of the creature, the tissues proceed toward a state of dissolution and a condition of darkness sets in; this is a very serious matter for the human being for his own intelligence depends upon a state of illumination for his brain cells, and of high nuclear activity as for his bodily cells in order to keep in balance his health of body and understanding as to his mind.

With a state of darkness resulting from dead matter within him, neither body nor mind reflect truly to subjects in the daily walks of life. He does not make the best and correct decisions in life and eventually gets himself into trouble. The intelligence, the light, the living fire of the human tissues are absorbed by the dead tissues, thus creating a false lowered vibration. Both the body and mind are expressing not their own intelligence, but one definitely lowered by the lifeless tissue imposing its unconscious state upon what otherwise would be pure thought and good intention.

It is the bestial concept, rather than the truly human which is being perpetuated in the daily life in such cases, a condition being brought about by the greed and blood-thirstiness of the social being of these times. It is a false impression he seeks to give in declaring that he is a lover of peace, for he is creating war - within and without - daily, and he should cease saying that he believes in peace until he himself, in his daily life, lives without causing death. Just as long as man wills to continue to disturb the equilibrium of Nature by the untimely flow of the blood of her living creatures and just as long as man partakes of this himself - just exactly that long will the spirit of PEACE continue to retreat from the abode of man.

The redemption of man from the ways of error, of greed and of war, can NEVER be accomplished while these wicked practices continue. Human living flesh cannot be sustained by corpses if peace be desired. The freedom of soul so longed for by human society can come only when the earth is void of flesh-eating humans - for the blood of the innocents is crying out to the heavens - while the mind of man wavers in a state of doubt and his heart continues to be uncertain. The diabolical condition of mass bloodshed of creatures for the consumption of their carcasses by the human, is at its peak; never on earth has it been so great! And never before has its parallel - the fear of war and of annihi1ation - been so overpowering! In the midst of this massacre and of this degradation, those who take no part in it all - who have "come out from among them" - must "prove their faith" and stand strong and true - for the battle MUST be won - the earth must come into its inheritance, for it is destined to become a suitable place for those of pure and noble thought to dwell therein - for the earth is the property of the Lord, as are, likewise, all the creatures upon, above and within the earth.

May man soon learn that he is not the product of the earth, but is the focalized intelligence of the heavens, and, as such, he must cease to defile his living temple - the rarest of all existing treasures. And may he comprehend that he is here not to destroy but to protect. When upon the products of the earth alone does man subsist - upon that day the earth shall meet her redemption - and then only - in the hearts of all mankind, shall there finally reign a spirit of PEACE.


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