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No. 1 Vol. 2 - THE VEGETARIAN - SPRING 1948 p.27

Vegetarian Week

President of the Vegetarier Union (VU), Deutschtand.

All are invited to attend the VEGETARIAN WEEK 1948, from Sunday, May 30th, to June 5th, 1948, at Hann.-Muenden, by the VEGETARIER UNION (VU) DEUTSCHLAND (Vegetarian Union of Germany) as well by the administration of the town and the "Kulturring" of Hann.-Muenden. We wish to discuss with you the high mission of vegetarianism, its tasks and the possibilities of accomplishing them, and to give an opportunity of exchanging suggestions and experiences won in practical work at home. The following festival arrangements are also planned: One evening shall lead us to Beethoven, another to Manfred Kyber, the famous author of numerous animal stories. Men of science and journalists will speak on the importance and the tasks of true vegetarianism. A philosophical theme will be: Decline - In the dark valley - New Hope! An exhibition of productions of vegetarian artists will be shown by a well-known expert.

The landscape in which Mann.-Muenden is situated is one of the most beautiful in Germany, as Alexander von Humboldt has already stated. Moreover its position is so central, that it is not difficult to get to all other parts of Germany, where the guests might wish to visit friends or relations. In Mann.-Muenden itself they are welcome to prolong their stay up to three weeks, in which time they will find accommodation in good hotels. You know that Germany is not rich nowadays in material respects, but we hope that nevertheless you will like coming over to us and put up with what we can offer you. We eagerly look forward to meeting you and participating in your knowledge and various experiences.

The result of this Vegetarian Week 1948, should be that the civilized world's attention is attracted by the manifestation of a view of life which. might initiate a better, freer and more human epoch of history.

Please write as soon as possible to W. P. Adolf Briest, President of the Vegetarier Union (VU) Deutschland, 20a Suettorf u/Dahlenburg, Kr. Loeneburg, Land Niedersachsen, British Zone.


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